427: behind the green door

I’ve been thinking about ending the flip front. I don’t know how many of you still read it, and I’ve been busy writing for money or trying to, taking pictures, visiting places, and eating a lot of interesting things. Still though, I miss writing the flip front because I like corresponding with people. Though my biggest complaint is that the flip front tends to be one way, with me doing all the yapping and you all doing the reading/scanning for your name.
I need news, people! Some of you have new babies or new pets, and I want to know how they’re doing. People got engaged, married, hired, maybe even fired, or at least fired up. Travelling, eating, dancing, writing, working, living.
Below are links to pictures, blog posts, and whatever other on-line activity may justify the flip front’s absence for the last nine months. You could probably bypass all that shit by just going to http://friendfeed.com/jasmine, but whatever you care to do is fine with me.
I. Pictures
Siblings and their significant others descend on Chicago, eat a lot of junk food (June/July 2007): We had a good time at the Taste of Chicago. I wish we’d been able to hang out with more of my friends, but pretty hectic. Can’t imagine what it would be like if all four of my siblings and their various girlfriends and boyfriends all came to visit at once. No, that is not a dare.
Jersey Shore (July 2007): Did I go all the way to Philadelphia just so I could get the last Harry Potter book ever with Nadine and then spend an entire day on the beach reading it? Yes. Everybody on the beach had that book. I saw huge families, each member with his or her own copy because sometimes you just can’t share.
Nathan turns 1 (August 2007): Nathan turns one. He still looks exactly like Andrew. It’s creepy. Later that same day, I went to Josh and Meghann’s wedding reception at the Newberry Library. Place cards were filed in a card catalogue. Tables were named after their favorite authors. It was a truly gorgeous day all around.
New York. Again (September 2007): Momofuku! Xanadu! Joe’s Shanghai! Le Enfants Terribles is a crazy place. Oh but I made this map of the day, too: http://tinyurl.com/ywu7ub.
Chicago Cares (October 2007): Spent an afternoon at Woodlawn Community school, painting yard games on the ground while others worked on a garden. The kids were adorable, it was a beautiful sunny day, argued about the rules to four square. Once we returned to the office we sat around and drank beer. Awesome. Chicago Cares is the name of the organization that arranged this outing for us.
The Protest (October 2007): Area Filipinos got together to protest the racist treatment a Filipina customer received at the Michigan Avenue store. It was a great way to spend a morning, though I complained to anyone that would listen that we should have had some food. What’s a protest without lumpia?
Back to Bengtson’s (October 2007): Jeff wasn’t all that impressed, but I think he managed to enjoy himself anyway. Also, I still don’t like kettle corn all that much.
Sunflower (October 2007): Baby shower for Will and Robin’s daughter, who decided to arrive a little early. Check out Robin’s fab dress.
2007 North Halsted Halloween Parade (October 2007): There were two Larry Craigs. Also lots of gays.
Saturday in Hyde Park (November 2007): The Med still makes a tasty milkshake. Also, that statue of Linné on the midway? Kinda pervy.
two guys, a girl, and a turkey (November 2007): After dinner, we saw “The Mist”. It was good and spooky.
New Year’s Eve 2008 (December 2007): Game night at Nite and Jeff’s. It snowed lot, so staying in was a good idea. New Year’s Day was spent at Kathy’s, playing Uno and eating wings. Quite possibly the evillest game of Uno ever. Kathy told us that, at the watch service the previous night at Trinity, rapper Common got up to freestyle during a particularly joyous part of the evening. So I think Kathy wins for best New Year’s Eve ever.
This Is Hyacinth (January 2008): Joe and Jacinda have a daughter. She doesn’t do much yet except eat, sleep, and poop. I’ll keep you posted as she develops more skills.
Blame Canada (February 2008): Clancy and Maria got married in Whistler. For this momentous occasion, I got off my ass and got a new passport. Whistler was warmer than Chicago, and populated with hot skier types. My cell phone died, which happened to me the last time I went out of town for a wedding (Nick & Nadine, July 2005). What is the universe trying to tell me?
II. Pieces for Time Out Chicago
Note: The editors with whom I’ve worked at TOC, Ruth and Laura, are awesome.
III. Miscellaneous
  • Facebook is still taking up more of the time I usually like to spend sleeping or writing. Damn social networking.
  • I visited Stef in Baltimore in September. Didn’t take any pictures — bad Jasmine! Of course, we went to the mall.
  • I saw “Behind The Green Door” again a few weeks ago at DOC Films. You know what’s weird about watching a XXX film in a theater full of film snobs, snickering college students, and possibly a few perverts? Surpisingly little. Marilyn Chambers was just gorgeous.
  • I’ve been doing stuff for Disgrasian.com — please check it out if you’re not doing so already.
  • I am taking suggestions for my next out of town trip. I’m thinking LA, though I know my mother would prefer New York.
Kylie Minogue – All I See Is You; Gnarls Barkley – Run; Stevie Wonder – All I Do; New Edition – Can You Stand The Rain

~ by Jasmine on March 19, 2008.

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