Holy Saturday

I dialed up Jeff and made plans to meet him and Nite at the Walgreen’s on Belmont & Broadway. While waiting for them, I read the April issue of Allure (I subscribe, and only just received the March issue a few days ago). They arrived, and we took off, though not before I left some money for the guy playing guitar on the corner.

Marched down Broadway. I was in need of some food, as all I’d consumed that morning was a huge glass of orange juice (big mistake for me) and a bagel with cream cheese. Stopped at Threadless, where I admired the girly t-shirts that I am still just a smidge too big to wear. We all bought something at Borders and World Market. A big consumerism day, I know, but I needed some flatware and there was a sale. More marching, this time to Gamestop so Jeff could buy a Superman game and I could try out Guitar Hero III. Guess what? I suck at GH.

More walking down Clark. We stop for a snack at Lito’s Empanadas. Holy balls, was this delicious. And it’s right next door to a fancy crepe place with free wi-fi, which you and your iPhone can employ to upload pictures of your yummy empanadas to Flickr straight away.

The Lincoln Park Zoo. We make for the food court, where it is very warm, for drinks and chips. Then we visit the primates. I swear one of the chimpanzees is named Optimus Primate. I miss out seeing one of the chips eat his or her poo. Outside in the non-poo smelling fresh air we admire the flamingos and walk towards the bus home.


~ by Jasmine on March 23, 2008.

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