428: 32 candles

I’m taking suggestions for birthday celebrating. My birthday is Sunday, but I will most likely be doing something Saturday the 29th, Monday the 31st, or nothing at all. I know, way to be a Debbie Downer, right? But for serious — I can’t think of anything to do. Except maybe karaoke. Miniature golf. Dancing. Visiting a museum. Going for a long walk in an interesting park. Bowling. Cheese-making. Beer-drinking. Lumpia-frying.

My ideal activity would be a picnic but it’s still winter here in Chicago and I haven’t yet found an indoor garden type setting that is conducive to sitting on a blanket, eating fried chicken, and drinking pink champagne. So give it some thought and get back to me. Please feel free to enjoy pictures of my last three birthday cakes:

2007: There isn’t one! I spent the day itself at Disneyland with Amanda, and we ate a lot of things but I don’t recall that birthday cake was one of them.

2006: Oh yes, the office birthday. Went to work. The cake was from Cynthia and Jacalyn. Maria got me a huge bouquet of pink flowers. Went to Orange for lunch. That night, Andrew and Rozi took me to Blackbird for dinner. Came home from dinner to find a bouquet from Joe and Jacinda. And e-mails and phone calls throughout the day from friends, family, and assorted well-wishers. Seriously — I am a lucky motherfucker.

2005: Surprise! I went out for a cigarette and came back to find cake, presents, and a bunch of people standing around waiting for me to start serving cake. Just kidding.

2004: When I used to work for Khloe, she’d bake a cake for me every year. She did this for everybody in our group. She’s a generous person, and a fantastic baker. I keep telling her to start a bakery or something. Or at least do a small business in birthday cakes for office parties.

Okay, that is all. I know I missed Carly’s birthday jam Saturday, for which I apologize. BUT! I will send you an awesome belated birthday e-card and I’m sure *that* will totally compensate. Hee.

In the next flip front: Easter weekend highlights! I attended services at Trinity UCC, met CTA chief Ron Huberman, and made Kathy walk around Soldier Field in the cold for no good reason except that I’m a dumbass.


Bobby & James Purify – I’m Your Puppet; Kylie Minogue – Wow; Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 – One Note Samba

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~ by Jasmine on March 24, 2008.

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