omg shoes: Sigerson Morrison ‘Vogue’ Pump

I’ve never bought a pair of Sigerson Morrison shoes for anywhere near full price. Scouring eBay, I will pounce on a deeply discounted pair from a past season as though my life depended on it.That doesn’t mean I’ve never been tempted to, you know, buy a pair on sale at a retail location. Or even pay full price. It’s the rare pair of shoes that will inspire such treachery.

Want an example? The ‘Vogue’ Pump, which sells for $425 US, is such a treat. A 50mm heel ensures comfort and stability (read: business) while the shiny patent leather, luxe bow, and flirty peep toe bring personality and sass (read: pleasure). At this price point, it may not be entirely practical to buy a pair in both available colors (satiny black or lipstick red), but if ever there was an item in one’s wardrobe for investment, the shoe is it.

Sigerson Morrison ‘Vogue’ Pump [Barneys CO-OP]


~ by Jasmine on April 2, 2008.

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