what makeup?

Back in the day (and by that I mean the late 90’s), I used to be read and post to alt.fashion on a regular basis. I loved talking about beauty and fashion with a healthy dose of humor. I got awesome tips from women with similar complexions to my own, and learned how to make a masque out of aspirin and water to deal with stubborn spots. Eventually, though, I got the impression it was just an excuse for some posters to brag about how wealthy they were, and the emphasis on individual style got lost.

I still miss writing about what lipstick I wore everyday, if only because I had to justify the fact that I owned about 20 tubes of red lipstick. I still maintain that they are all totally different. So a daily feature: “What makeup am I wearing today?” I was going to post this as a widget in the sidebar, but then I realized that I wanted to keep a history of my makeup usage. Thank goodness for blogs — otherwise I’d probably have to, you know, write this down on actual paper.

what makeup is Jasmine wearing today

  • Vincent Longo Water Canvas foundation in Golden Tan — This foundation is not cheap but worth every penny for someone with scarred, sun-damaged, freckly skin like mine.
  • tarte cheekstain in flush — A gel blush that looks deep red in the tube but goes on light and can be layered for as much coverage as you want. I’ll put on two dabs in winter so it looks like I’ve been running around in the chill and being cute instead of lying in bed and watching endless episodes of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” on TLC.
  • stila lipstick in esme — Yes, it’s been discontinued. I don’t know how old the tube is, but the lipstick still retains its true color, and hasn’t broken or started to smell weird. Stila dominique looks closest to the original shade, so check that out if you want to see what I mean. On me, esme looks more coral than red, and is a great complement to the cheekstain.

~ by Jasmine on April 4, 2008.

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