Old Navy order: 2 wins, 2 losses

It’s true — I shop at Old Navy. Even though they stopped carrying plus-sized women’s clothing in their retail outlets. It’s still on-line and thank jebus returns are free. So I placed an order last week for four pieces, and here are the results of my impromptu fashion show/try-on in the ladies room.

  • Women’s Plus Cap-Sleeve Shirt: It’s so very fine, and well-tailored for an inexpensive mass-produced item. Definitely a keeper.
  • Women’s Plus Tie-Front Nightshirt: Didn’t try this on yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s a keeper. Perfect for scurrying around at home, trying on shoes and playing with makeup instead of doing housework. It stays.
  • Women’s Plus Pintucked V-Neck Top: Dunno. It’s beautiful, but it’s cut way too low in front (or maybe I need to size down?) and I look like I’m about to give birth in it. Not a keeper, which is a shame, as the color I chose, viridian, looked great on me.
  • Women’s Plus Low-Rise Wide-Leg Surplus Pants: Such a shame that these olive pants were so comfortable as I looked like a genie. Not “I Dream of Genie” but an old potbellied genie. Way too much fabric or maybe I needed the next size down. In any case, it’s going back.

I would have taken pictures but there is a limit to the humiliation I will endure for the tens of people who read this blog. Though if it boosted my traffic, I’d totally put on a real genie costume and dance around.


~ by Jasmine on April 8, 2008.

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