Ping Pong Playa

The Chicago Asian American Showcase, in its 13th year, opened tonight. If you are in Chicago, the showcase is at the Gene Siskel Film Center through April 24. Check it out!

Tonight, Jeff, Nite and I saw Ping Pong Playa. It was AWESOME. Great performances from some actors you may know but most you won’t. Jimmy Tsai as Christopher “C-Dub” Wang, an NBA wannabe who discovers his talent for ping pong, is a treat.

C-Dub first came to be in a series of commercials for Venom Sportswear — check out Venom’s web site for the original ads. Of i you’re just looking for some basketball or poker (really?) gear.

Great writing and direction, and I think it could be a hit with enough word of mouth. So I’m speaking up now — go see this if it’s playing anywhere you can get to.

It next screens at DisOrient Asian American Film Festival in Eugene on April 27. It should open theatrically in the fall, so until then check out the movie site, and tell all your friends (Asian, non-Asian, ping pong playa, non-ping pong playin’ fools) to be on the lookout for it. Seriously.

PS: Become friends with C-Dub on MySpace.


~ by Jasmine on April 12, 2008.

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