taking one for the (A.V.) Team: Sex and the City cocktails at Houlihan’s

I loved me some Amelie Gillette before — her writing for The Onion’s A.V. Club is top-notch — but I do adore her now. She and a friend braved the Penn Station Houlihan’s to try the chain’s “Sex and The City”-themed cocktails.

I know the idea of a SaTC cocktail might sound good to some of you, but from Houlihan’s? Okay, it appears that Skyy vodka, the official vodka of the movie, might be involved, but is that really enough to ensure a quality drink? From the sound of Amelie’s notes, not really:

So, how did they taste? Both drinks came pretty close to embodying their characters: The Samantha tasted like old cough syrup and vodka, so, you know, it was sassy–just like Samantha! The Carrie, for all that talk of mango, didn’t taste like the fruit at all. It was essentially bland, like watered-down, vaguely sweet baby food, so it wasn’t anything like the thing it was supposed to be–just like Carrie!

See you at Wednesday Diva Night! Seriously. Those martinis are $5!

I Began To Wonder: Why Am I At Houlihan’s? [The Hater @ The A.V. Club]


~ by Jasmine on May 14, 2008.

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