chocolate *fish

You know how there are something that look awful but taste awesome? Being Filipino, I know all about it. Dinuguan? Balut? Pinoys are all over that. But I have to give it up to the Belgians for topping my culture’s embryonic duck eggs and pig entrails stewed in blood.

Readers, I give you: chocolate that’s shaped like an anus. Maybe Spencer Pratt would like to slip some to girlfriend Heidi Montag the next time he’s feeling anus-morous? Just wondering.

The Incredible, Edible Anus [Edible Anus via The Frisky]


~ by Jasmine on May 14, 2008.

One Response to “chocolate *fish”

  1. HI Jasmined, I am a Filipina too who live in Marseille. I discovered your site thru surfing. And because my husband and I love traveling I’ve been searching site and I found your site informative and you witty how you say things :D ! Hope you don’t mind linking you! Have a nice day, at sa susunod nating pagkikita kabayan :D !

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