30 seconds on “Recount”

  1. Thanks to Adrienne for getting me tickets to tonight’s special screening of “Recount”.
  2. Thanks to Sam for being my +1!
  3. Managed to shove some appetizers in my mouth before the screening began, thank goodness. Two words: free shrimp.
  4. Movie was hilarious, with some (perhaps unintentionally) music choices that made me and Sam think of “Law & Order”.
  5. Celebs in the house! Bob Balaban, who played Ben Ginsberg, and Danny Strong, who wrote the movie, were at the screening. Bob had bleached hair and was wearing a hoodie. Danny looked sharp in a nice suit.
  6. Waited for a bit after the movie to see if either I or Sam could screw up the courage and get our pictures taken with Danny. We didn’t, so we went for pancakes instead.
  7. Mmm, pancakes.
  8. Laura Dern was fantastic as Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris. Simply fantastic.
  9. Recount airs Memorial Day weekend on HBO. SEE IT.

~ by Jasmine on May 15, 2008.

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