429: jasmine’s right-ons for 2008

1. layering eyeliner for extra staying power. Right now I’m wearing Chanel Precision Eye Definer under L’Oreal Telescopic Precision Liquid Eyeliner. Did Etta James employ this technique for the cover of “At Last!”? Or Tina Turner for the covers of several records she made with Ike, like “It’s Gonna Work Out Fine” or “Don’t Play Me Cheap”?

2. The cover of “Don’t Play Me Cheap” — check out Tina’s extreme eye makeup and fur coat!

3. Kylie Minogue, “X” — I could listen to this everyday. Actually, I do listen to this everyday. Standout tracks for me are: 2 Hearts, In My Arms, The One, All I See, Wow, Nu-di-ty.

4. cupcakes — though I should loathe any bakery that dares charge $3.00 for a single cupcake, places like Cupcakes, Molly’s Cupcakes, Sweet Mandy B’s, and The Bleeding Heart Bakery offer cakes too good to pass up. I may one day open a place called “Yuppie Cuppiecakes” in Lincoln Park or Bucktown and make a fortune. My favorite place for cupcakes is, sadly, not in Chicago, so if anyone happens to be walking by Brown Betty in Philadelphia, please feel free to buy me a vanilla poundcake or lemon poundcake cupcake and send it to me.

5. www.chicagocarless.com and www.CTATattler.com

6. the Tenth Doctor (I feel like Andrew gets to make fun of me now because I used to mock him for watching “Doctor Who” on PBS, and now I’m really into the revived series airing on BBC America. So yeah, Andrew, you win.)

7. unsweetened iced tea

8. freckles — I now have some on my cheeks. I don’t know why. Maybe something in my Neutrogena face cream is rendering the sunblock in my facial moisturizer impotent. The freckles, they’re here to stay. And this isn’t the first time they’ve appeared in my list — remember the spring 2005 edition?

9. weddings! this year so far: Maria & Clancy, Jacalyn & Brian, Jeremy & Helen. Will probably go into details in a later post.

10. tax rebates and stimulus checks — mine have already been spent on a combination of wardrobe updates (goodbye dingy stained t-shirts, things that just don’t fit) and consumer debt (bye bye Citi!).

11. momentum

12. foreign objects in my ice water — cucumber slices, lemon slices, lemon wedges, lime slices, lime wedges, watermelon balls.

13. any bus that goes through Lincoln Park — by which I mean the park itself, not the ‘hood. My commute to and from work wends its way through a lovely park with a zoo, ponds, a manmade lagoon, and cute athletic boys who are good eye candy when I can’t pay attention to whatever it is I’m trying to read.

14. ‘ Jon & Kate Plus 8’

15. ‘Friday Night Lights’ getting renewed for a third season. Let’s hope some folks actually watch it!

16. weekly phone calls with Mom — she’s totally hilarious and always has gossip on people back in the Philippines whom I’ve not seen in 20+ years.

17. Disgrasian.com

18. Google Reader

19. top secret lyrics to the “Indiana Jones” theme:

In-di-ana fuck-ing Jones
In-di-ana moth-er-fuck-ing Jones
In-di-ana fuck-ing Jones
Bite my ball-sack you Na-zis I’m In-di-ana fuck-ing Jones

20. mini cheeseburgers — get them at Minnie’s, White Castle, Poag Mahone’s, or even Burger King!

21. farmers markets — I always mean to buy tons of fresh veg but always end up buying loads of baked goods and artisanal olive oil.

22. free Thursday evenings at the Art Institute

23. people rediscovering Hall & Oates.

24. twirly skirts and flirty dresses — now if only the weather could start being more summer-like.

25. flowering trees

26. “Pineappple Express” — if the trailer is any indication, this movie’s gonna be awesome.

27. coming up with my roller derby nom de guerre: “Imelda Carcass”

28. mother of pearl hair ornaments

29. meals disguised as snacks (afternoon tea, “elevenses”)

30. guest-blogging

31. three day weekends

32. road trips


Robert Plant & Alison Krauss – Nothin’; Eartha Kitt – C’est si bon; Sloan – I Wouldn’t Want to Lose Your Love



~ by Jasmine on May 27, 2008.

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