430: navy & kelly

1. 10 year college reunion was this weekend. My hair was a big old mess on account of the humidity and the fact that I need a haircut. I had a good time. Notes to come shortly.

2. Jacinda and I are going to collaborate on a play about the R. Kelly trial. We’ve come up with a title: “Theatre of Ignorance Presents: ‘R Town'”, so naturally it’s going to be modeled after “Our Town”. The character of the narrator is going to be based on Jacinda’s mom. Oh, and it’s going to be puppets.

3. I was talking to Kathy yesterday about that Obama rally in Oregon that drew 75,000 people, and how some folks were saying that most of them were really just there for a free concert or some shite. Which may be true, but who has the drawing power to pull 75,000? Kathy thinks my following comment should be my new e-mail signature: “The only person who could do that shit is James Brown, and he’s dead. That ain’t James Brown, that’s Al Sharpton in a corset!”

4. My parents and one of my brothers are coming to visit in July and I booked them a room at The Palmer House. Because there is no way we were going to be squeezing into my sad studio.

5. I am still enjoying ‘Doctor Who’, which is nice because it’s summer and there’s fuck all to watch on television. When I was home Saturday morning, I lay in bed and watched ‘Blink’ instead of installing my air conditioner. Have you seen this episode? It’s very light on actual Who-jinks but very scary. SCARY!

6. Back to reunion: attended the big campus party in the fancy gym. It was really nice — good food, beer and wine only, and lounge areas in each corner featuring leather couches and fake bookcases. Hilarious. The band actually played “Falling Slowly”. I didn’t dance, as I had too much gossiping to do. We tried to have a drink at Jimmy’s afterwards (where we saw Father Bob, aka Matt Calhoun, tending bar!) but it was too crowded with drunk seniors (class of ’08 and class of ’68, heh) and Jimmy’s still doesn’t have a/c.

7. Belated birthday snaps go out to the following: Adrienne, Jenny, Rozi, and Nadine.

8. Nick was in town last week to hang with a friend who had to spend a few days at the hospital. Nick and I managed to have dinner at Cafe Iberico — delicious, of course.

9. I must now declare it to be the summer of fruity drinks. White and red sangria, frozen margaritas, pina coladas, planter’s punch. Pimm’s Cup! A sweet mixture of Arnold Palmer and Starbucks passion tea lemonade courses through my veins. It’s delicious.

10. Sean Stevenson has returned from his trip to New Zealand. We can begin writing again. But ask him about his trip, as well as obscure LOTR trivia. I’m sure he’s got lots to say.

Feist – Now At Last; Sheena Easton – Strut; Lynda Barry – Naked Ladies



~ by Jasmine on June 9, 2008.

One Response to “430: navy & kelly”

  1. ‘R Town.’

    I love the title! Can’t wait to hear more about it!

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