RAD Libs: This American Life

Make up your own! Or read mine below:

Act 1: Cleve, an expatriate Flaneur and regular This American Life contributor, finds out he has Consumption when he’s about to go on a road trip to Portmeirion. He takes the road trip anyway.

Act 2: Ira talks about buying Mother’s cigarettes when he was a kid, and how the experience taught him the importance of Being more open-minded. Years later, this lesson comes in handy, as it figures prominently in a commencement speech he gives at Brown.

Act 3: When a crew of Stevedores who are also practicing Christian Scientists find out that refugees from Panama have been forced to settle in their hometown of Brownsville, Texas, they decide to buck the trends and bring them into the small-town fold. Cross-cultural understanding blooms in unexpected ways, as the two groups meet nightly in the local Culver’s to discuss a shared love for Small Wonder reruns.

Finally, Act 4: Ira talks to Aviva, who was raised as an orthodox Jew and who made a pivotal break with her faith at a Boston Red Sox game.


~ by Jasmine on June 26, 2008.

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