PR live-blog: 5.3 “Bright Lights/Big City”

8:04: Tim looks hot in that raincoat. The designers, wearing orange plastic ponchos for their double decker bus tour, do not. The designers are dropped off at random locations to take pictures that will inspire their outfits for the challenge, which is to make outfits inspired by New York City at night.

8:08: Would it be wrong if I renamed Leanne and Emily “Feist 1” and “Feist 2”?

8:15: The designers print their pics and are set loose at Mood, where finally they can pick their own fabrics. Kenley describes her look as “modern day pin-up”. Stella pulls at a bolt and yells “Who’s helping me!” Back at Parsons, they have until 1am to finish.

8:17: Suede’s back to talking about himself in the third person. Oh, that’s too bad.

8:18: I agree with Joe when he describes Kenley’s print fabric as being a little too “Fort Lauderdale”.

8:19: Leanne is worried, having been in the bottom two in the last two challenges. Blayne is trying to freak out Kennley by staring at her. As if the salon tan wasn’t scary enough.

8:20: Terri is doing something with an open back and pants and graffiti. Should I be scared? I already am, as Keith’s frock covered with little scraps of paper. Kenley think Emily’s dress, all ruffles on a black shift, is old and not fresh.

8:21: Of course, Stella makes leathuh pants and a leathuh vest. Her hammering is not making her any friends, but she persists: “If you don’t like it, get the f*** outta heah.”

8:25: Three hours left! Tim checks in on the designers. Jennifer has a lot of work to do, esp. on her hems. Daniel doesn’t think her dress is very chic.

8:26: Keith shows Tim the pic of his inspiration, a rained-on magazine. Tim is relieved to hear the dress will have shape. But he is concerned about Kenley’s use of different fabrics being too costumey.

8:27: Terri shows her graffiti-inspired dress, and believes she will win with the diversity of her influences. Leanne has a gorgeous skirt, but a lot of work to do on the top.

8:28: Emily’s long-exposure pic turns into what Tim calls “a black dress with a big corsage”. Tim wants more.

8:29: Before Tim retires for the night, Blayne and Terri introduce Tim to “Holla at cha boy!” which is fucking adorable. The designers are tired.

8:30: Day of runway show! Designers are nervous, freaking out, and nowhere close to being done. I think Keith should wear tight white t-shirts all the time. Except when he goes to bed, which is when he should wear a white tank. The arms on that boy…

8:31: Keith’s model had to drop out, so he has to re-fit on Alyssa, who’s come back into the competition.

8:32: Not so ironically, Jennifer’s clock-inspired frock is not finished. She’s not alone, as plenty others are behind. They only have 10 minutes until the runway show. Will they finish?! Oh the suspense… is not killing me.

8:33: Tim calls the designers and models to the runway so they can begin.

8:40: Guest judge for the “New York at Night” challenge is Sandra Bernhard. A good choice, I think.

8:41: No favorites, though I do like Jerell and Leanne’s dresses. Jennifer’s is way frumpy, and she agrees. Korto made a jumpsuit, but I think it’s okay (if a bit boring). Terri made a dress over pants. Hmm.

8:43: Who’s safe?

  • Stella
  • Suede
  • Kelli
  • Joe
  • Daniel
  • Jerell
  • Blayne
  • Korto

Which leaves the hi/los:

  • Keith: Michael’s take is “toilet paper caught in a windstorm”. Nina: not polished. Heidi: there’s no form.
  • Kenley: adorable but you have to be super tall and super thin to wear it.
  • Emily: To Sandra it’s a bit too cha-cha. Nina mentions Carmen Miranda. Nobody really likes the ruffle, which is distracting and not placed well.
  • Terri: Sandra wrote “fierce, sexy, and in control”. She loved the attitude. The other judges loved the whole look, too.
  • Jennifer: Oh god. Michael doesn’t see the surrealism that Jennifer described. It’s matronly.
  • Leanne: Was inspired by the planter grate, very organic but architectural. Sandra loves the look, and Michael loves the fact that it’s separates. Heidi says it’s impeccable, and could see herself wearing it.

8:51: Nina says “No comment.” for Emily’s outfit. Burn!

8:56: Terri is in, and leaves the runway. The winner is… Kenley. Really? Bo-ring. Leanne is also in (and should have won, but whatever). Also in is Keith. Emily and Jennifer are left, and Emily looks terrified. Emily’s look was distracting, a cliche, while Jennifer’s dress was boring and matronly.  Jennifer, however, is in, which means that Emily has been auf’d.


~ by Jasmine on July 30, 2008.

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  1. I’ll put up an RSS feed to your site, I like the stuff you have. And true, Emily and Leanne both look like Feist.

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