PR live-blog: 5.4 “Rings of Glory”

All times Central unless otherwise noted. Like that would ever happen.

7:52: 8 minutes to go…

8:01: Patrick thinks it’s a waste of time to show the designers waking up the morning after a challenge. I have to agree — what’s to show if none of them are hooking up? Bo-ring. Patrick also thinks they should do a challenge on no sleep, a la the wedding wars challenge on the last season of Top Chef. I’d be down with that.

8:03: Though the designers think they’re heading up to the Bronx for some kind of hip-hop challenge (I fucking wish), they’re in the Boogie Down to visit the Armory Track & Field Center to make Olympic-inspired creations.

8:05: Even with that soul patch, Apolo Ohno is fo-ine. The challenge is to wear the US Olympic team’s (women’s) uniform for the opening ceremony. Ralph Lauren’s designed the summer ’08 look: peep it here.

8:06: Blayne: “Heck yeah I’m going for the gold!” Lame! The Armory has an Olympics museum, so the designers will get some inspiration in the 30 minutes they have to design before heading back to Mood.

Patrick: “guess what they are going to design. i say protective cups. or some kind of headband… can it be that shit apollo creed wore before drago killed him?”

8:10: Terri: “A sister got to keep one eye open.” Did Keith take ‘her’ fabric on purpose? Oooh. And the tease is a clip of Stella defending her leathuh by saying a lot of bikers watch the Olympics. Oh yeah.

8:13: The winner will have immunity. Designers again have until 1:00 am. Do they get an extra hour because these designers are slow? Because previous contestants have complained about midnight coming too soon? Is 1 the new 12?

8:14: Stella did modern dance in school. Jennifer was a cheerleader. Joe, former football player, is doing a skort. Oh, cute pics of his wee daughters playing softball! Joe turned to fashion when he failed to grow in high school when his teammates sprouted. Aw. Blayne, meanwhile, is an Olympic-level tanner but feels himself becoming “frail white”. Jerell thinks his hair is keeping Blayne alive as he reverts to his, um, natural Caucasian pallor.

8:17: While Jennifer is torn about what to do, Terri cranks out four pieces in record time. Stell-uh is using black, a known risk when folks will expect red, white, and blue, but she feels it’s modern and gladiator-esque. Leanne thinks it’s appropriate for a Goth nightclub. It looks very bear-like to me.

8:18: Kenley’s laugh is pissing everybody off. Is that genuine concern from the others, or is that haterade on her immunity? Actually, it is pretty annoying, in that it sounds kind of forced.

8:19: Korto talks about how she came to America (“a place of second chances”) from Liberia, where a civil war made it impossible for her family to stay. Korto looks tough, and I hope she stays to the finale 3.

8:25: Tim checks in on everybody, startin with Joe…

  • Joe: The skort is, by definition, athletic. Mixing zippers makes Tim laugh — he likes the wit. “Do it. Do it. Do it.”
  • Blayne: Tim thinks it’s looking a little too “Sergeant Pepper”. Blayne doesn’t get the reference. Okay, I hate him now.
  • Daniel: Tim wants Daniel to walk him through the top, which seems to be missing. Tim doesn’t want Daniel to unravel like he did in the last too challenges.
  • Jerell: Tim’s concerned about horizontal stripes on muscley women. Also, lots of activity could look “very Lucy Ricardo”.
  • Jennifer: Tim to her: “Why this collar?” It’s still too matronly for him.

8:28: Kenley doesn’t think Daniel’s look needs the boleoro, so he loses it.

8:29: Joe has an issue with Daniel re-threading ‘his’ machine with red thread. Is it really all about Daniel? I think people are just cranky and in bad moods. “There’s too much drama ’cause there too many queens around.” He may be right, or he may be slightly homophobic. Somewhere, Blayne is adding “licious” to every word and polishing his bronze tanning medal.

8:30: The chalkboard in the boy’s apartment totally has the following written on it:

  • HoLLA ATCHA boy!
  • and something garbled about respect

8:31: Kenley is worried about Daniel’s blue looking purple on the runway. The designers have three hours until runway, with an hour of that devoted to hair & makeup for the models. Joe thinks he’s going to win. Jerell made a hat! Oh boy.

8:33: Korto is seeing a lot of looks from the past, but she lives in ’08. “It’s ’08.” Indeed.

8:40: Runway show! Korto’s pants with vest looks chic. Suede made a cheerleading/square dance skirt. Don’t know about Kelli’s hoe-down look. Joe’s outfit is cute. What the fuck did Daniel make? Jerell’s is like Holly Hobby. Stella: “It reprsents the country in a bad-ass way.” Keith used a big collar, which I liked. Terri’s is pretty hot — very preppy, too. Jennifer’s looks too cocktail party. Blayne reminds me of Xanadu. Kenley looks too much like her as a designer — that big blue plaid.

8:43: So who’s safe?

  • Suede
  • Kelli
  • Leanne
  • Stella
  • Keith
  • Blayne
  • Kenley

8:44: Models for the remaining six come back out on the runway.

  • Terri: Terri wanted to put a spin on the blazer, which she saw in previous ceremonies. Apolo loves the tailoring. Kors loves the Lauren Hutton, ’70’s vibe. Nina loves the versatility.
  • Jennifer: Jennifer used a small ’20s track suit as her inspiration. Heidi doesn’t read it as modern, Olympic, or America. Apolo doesn’t see the confidence.
  • Joe: Joe wanted to read it as summer, modern, Olympics. He actually used “USA” in his design. Nina loves the athletic detail. Heidi loves the zippers, and Apolo loves the body-consciousness. Kors has a ding with the length but overall it’s a very smart look.
  • Daniel: Apolo doesn’t get anything athletic out of it. Nina wonders where the Olympic is, and they all think the dress is purple.
  • Korto: The vest is leather! Was she working next to Stella? Nina loves the lightweight leather and wide pants. The team could be very chic. Heidi thinks America would be proud. Apolo loves the vest and was overall a big fan. Yeah!
  • Jerell: Wanted to keep the look in the 20’s. But the criticism is that it’s not athletic — Apolo thinks the team would look like movie extras, not athletes. It’s creative, but it’s meshuggener.

8:50: Judges love Korto, Terri, Joe. Not so much Jerell (“It was a costume!”), Jennifer (bland), and Daniel. Kors says about Jennifer: “She can’t get past herself.” Oooh, burn! And they wondered what the hell Daniel was thinking when he compared his work to others. Joe would argue, post-threading, that Daniel did not.

8:52: Who’s in? Who’s out? We’ll find out after the c-break.

8:55: Can I confess something? I’ve been watching Shear Genius. I can’t help it!

8:56: Joe’s in! And the winnah is… Korto! Yeah! She’s glad to have some confirmation telling her she’s good enough. Aw. Terri is in, natch. As is Jerel, not so natch, but damn, I guess Holly Hobby lives to see another day. And Jennifer is back in the bottom two with Daniel. Will she live to see another challenge. She’s stuck in the past while Daniel missed the challenge completely. Jennifer is finally out, which means Daniel is in and can leave the runway. Bye, Feist 2! Or was Leanne Feist 2? I guess I can just call her plain old Feist now, as Emily/Feist 3 was auf‘d last week.

8:59: Next week’s episode with Brooke Shields could be good. Did you see Nina’s remark in the tease about not being able to acquire taste? Followed by Daniel defending his taste? And what’s up with Kenley cracking up on the runway? Do the claws come out for reals next week? Hate hate hate hate!


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