PR live-blog: 5.5 “Welcome to the Jungle”

8:00: Daniel pumps iron! Keith looks good all sweaty! Blayne is all “Team Dramalicious!” as the designers head back to the runway to learn about their next challenge. But Heidi tells them to go back to the showroom, where Tim will give them the deets.

8:02: Blayne hopes the high powered, chic, professional woman they have to design for is not Hillary Clinton, as he can’t do a neon pantsuit. Which I think would be right up his alley.

8:03: Anyhoo, it’s Brooke Shields, who looks adorable in a white blouse, khaki green skirt, and a hot pink ribbon belt. The challenge is, of course, to design a look for her character on “Lipstick Jungle”, Wendy Healy. They each get a dossier on her character, the head of a movie studio who lives something of a bohemian life.

8:05: And yes it’s a team challenge. Kenley is worried that some of the designers don’t know what they’re doing. The designers will make individual presentations, with Booke picking six looks for the teams to make.

8:08: Designers sketch and make their presentations. Nothing sticks out for me right now, except that Kenley’s sketches looked kinda ghetto. The designers Brooke chose are:

  • Keith: tank dress with a full skirt, rows of fringe
  • Korto: something blousy and full on top
  • Jerell: something neutral with an open neck
  • Kelly: very literal, with a leopard print dress
  • Terri: long trousers topped by a blouse with a romantic, ruffled neck
  • Blayne: Jacket of some sort, lots of bright color as accent.

8:14: Blayne picks Leanne, Keith picks Kenley, Terri picks Suede, Korto picks Joe, Kelly picks Daniel, and Jerell gets stuck with Stella. With their budget of $150, they head off to Mood. Whee!

8:16: Kenley’s taste in fabrics is a bit suspect. Daniel thinks his taste in fabric is better than Kelly’s. And before we get any more bitchery, 30 minutes are up and it’s back to Parsons.

8:17: Jerell and Stella get to work straightaway. Tim reminds them that the opportunity is huge and reveals that there is no immunity for the challenge.

8:18: Kenley doesn’t dig Keith’s design, as she usually does structured things. Kelli admits that she likes to do stuff herself, having been independent as a kid, and is used to working alone. She’s hoping to win for her grandma.

8:19: Suede doesn’t think there is enough fabric for Terri’s draped top, and his nervousness is freaking her: “I don’t know what he’s packing, balls or vajayjay, but he’s got to work it out.” Bwahahaha.

8:20: Passive aggressiveness with Keith and Kenley, who wants to win. But if history proves anything, as team leader isn’t Keith more at risk than Kenley? Whatever.

8:22: Tim shows in the models for an early fitting. Kelli discovers that Daniel made the skirt half-ruched, half-straight. While Kelli blames Daniel, he says it was her design he was executing.

8:24: Terri says the top is all jacked up. Kenley gasps to Keith when she notices that they’re arguing. But it’s not arguing so much as Suede cowering while Terri hisses to herself.

8:28: Tim thinks Blayne’s look is fantastic, but he needs to glam up the shorts for night.

8:28: The palette of Jerell’s look is great and is executed a well. More importantly, it looks like a great collaboration, which Jerell and Stella confirm it is. Yay!

8:29: Kelly and Daniel’s is a bit too “intimate apparel”-ish while Terri plays down the conflict. Tim thinks it works, with a gorgeous neckline. And it is, I think so, with a ruffle giving texture to the rich print.

8:30: Tim and Keith laugh at Kenley’s discarded florals. Bwa. Korto’s orange tunic jacket is rather large, and of course Joe talks about his concern to Tim but he never mentioned it to Korto before. Ugh. But at least they talked it out so they’re on the same page.

8:32: Runway show! Morning comes! The designers take a last opportunity to snark about each other’s looks, with Leanne noting the poor construction of Korto and Joe’s dress.

8:34: Models come in, get hair, makeup, and get into their outfits. I want an airbrush to apply foundation!

8:35: Kenley takes one last shot at Blayne’s Bermuda shorts.

8:42: Damn, that was a long commercial break. Heidi welcomes the designers and judges to the runway, expositioning before the show.

8:43: Korto’s saved the jacket, nipping in the waist so that it was fitted. Kelli isn’t 100% happy with her design while Daniel felt it was a little too “Dnyasty”. Jerell is so happy with the look. Brooke actually dug it, too. Keith is proud of what he and Kenley made. Terri loves her look, too, and Suede thinks Brooke would be very confident wearing it.

8:45: Suede & Terri and Korto & Joe are safe. The others remain on the runway.

8:46: hi/lo judging:

  • Jerell and Stella: While Booke is concerned about the belt, all can see the outfit is well-made, bohemian, and versatile, a good fit for the character.
  • Kelli & Daniel: It looks cheap, slutty, and maybe not tasteful. While Kelli expresses her concern, Michael calls Daniel out for not saying anything. Of course, Kenley cracks up.
  • Keith & Kenley: Brooke could see her character wearing it. Nina isn’t sure if it’s day enough, but it’s beautiful. Michael likes the combo of their aesthetics.
  • Blayne & Leanne: Brooke thinks it’s too casual, not sophisticated enough. Nina doesn’t think Blayne listened, and is surprised that Leanne didn’t say anything. Michael thinks that if Blayne was going to take a risk, he should have made it more special. Exactly!

8:50: Judges confab! They liked Jerell & Stella, who hit it right with the shape and the combo of feminity and power. Keith & Kenley’s look was sophisticated, and a good expression of the thought they put in. Kelli’s taste is in question, but Daniel didn’t do anything to help. Blayne & Leanne’s look was a little too Blayne, raising concerns about his ability to listen. And has Leanne really lost her confidence in her ability as a designer?

8:52: Back on the runway, the winner is…

8:53: Commercial break! The winners of tonight’s poll (“Which team would you pick to design an outfit for you?”) are Jerell and Stella.

8:56: Okay, so the winner is Keith! Ooh, hot Keith! Keith and Kenley leave the runway. I’m disappointed for Jerell and Stella, but they should be so proud of their work. They get to leave the runway next. Heidi explains that they had problems with the remaining teams. She sends Leanne backstage, followed by Daniel, as they are safe. Kelli had questionable construction and even worse taste. She wonders if Blayne can ever step outside of himself. We’ll find out, as Blayne is in. So Kelli will have to pack up her leopard print and go. Auf, auf, baby.

8:58: Kelli is angry she has to go, but she was glad she took the risk, and has no regrets. But that’s what all the auf’d designers says.

8:59: Next week the designers make outfits for drag queens. From who I see on the runway, I recognize some of them. Shit, I think may have met some of them. Oh, and Chris March is most likely the guest judge. Do I even need to explain how much I enjoyed Chris’s warmth and humor when he competed on season 4? Cannot wait!


~ by Jasmine on August 13, 2008.

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