PR live-blog: 5.6 “Good Queen Fun”

8:04: The designers are picking models. I fucking love drag queens. They’re so beautiful and fun.

8:06: The designers have an opportunity to be theatrical, Tim reminds them. Also, their different personas must be preserved in the designs.

8:08: Under the harsh neon lights, the divas still look flawless. Also, I love that the designers all refer to their clients as “she” and “her” instead of saying “he” or “him”. Yes, even Joe, though he is a bit confused. He wants to make a retro pantsuit, though. Uh oh.

8:09: The designers head off to Mood to shop for fabrics. Terri needs a lot of fabric for her 7′ tall client.

8:10: Kenley’s gonna do “old Hollywood but over the top” for her Marilyn Monroe-esque queen, Farrah Moans.

8:13: The designers go on a bit of a ‘licious’ spree when Blayne asks them what their drag names would be. Sadly, nobody comes up with any decent names, which is just as well, as I think the drag queens have already taken all the good ones.

8:18: We get some background info on Jerell — does that mean he’s gonna be the one to go? I can’t see the dress he’s making, but I’m worried when Leanne/Feist 1 tells him it’s beautiful. Are we still worried about her taste levels?

8:20: Kenley to Suede: “Keith’s doing his swatches again.” Kenley: get over yourself. Keith: Stop with the swatches!

8:20: OMG, the queens come in as civilians. They look totally different as dudes, but they’re all business when trying on their garments. Sweetie, Terri’s client, does not hesitate to throw some shade at Kenley’s silver sequins. Bwa!

8:21: Joe needs to make Varla’s garment more feminine.

8:22: OMG, Hedda Lettuce called Suede lazy on the absence of sleeves from her dress. Terri: “Oh no she didn’t!” But she’s right — she does look like Godzilla with some crazy poufy green glovey things.

8:23: Suede’s fellow designers have his back, though, reminding him to reel Hedda back if she gets out of hand and tries to dictate his vision. Yeah!

8:27: Chris makes the rounds with Tim, meeting Korto first. The theme is “Woman in Heat” (bwa!), and Chris suggests she make a removable skirt for extra drama. Tim thinks Blayne’s look is “a pterodactyl about of a gay Jurassic Park”. Bwahahahaa. Chris sees Joe’s outfit, and can totally see Varla in it. Suede’s look goes over well, and Tim reminds him to tell Hedda to “don’t you you-know-what with me, sister.” Tough Tim Daniel has Anita Geenkard, and needs to make the top more exuberant to match the movement of the skirt.

8:30: Daniel asks Blayne to try on his dress for it. Jerell is still worried about selling his queen on the dress, though I will say the stand-up collar is gorgeous.

8:31: Blayne: “Why are you walking so fast?” Jerell: “Cause I gotta get to work!” The designers have an hour to send the models to hair and makeup before the runway show. And Suede is still at the machine! He made changes, but needs Hedda to accept his point of view. Hedda and Suede kiss and make up.

8:33: The hair and makeup room looks like fun, with feathers and lashes and makeup brushes flying everywhere.

8:39: Runway show! RuPaul is this week’s guest judge, and she looks fabulous. She and Nina and Heidi should have a walk-off.

8:40: my brother Patrick IM’s “All the energy is on the runway.” Seriously, the queens know how to sell it. Joe’s “Ann-Margret on ‘The Love Boat'” for Varla is fucking adorable. Korto’s red dress for sweetie looks like a rosebud on fire.

8:42: So who’s safe?

  • Blayne
  • Kenley
  • Suede
  • Stella
  • Leanne

8:43: Hi/lo designers on the runway. Confab with judges as usual:

  • Terri: Crazy kimono, a cross of metal and ‘Mahogany’, goes over well, and I agree. Fierce.
  • Keith: Heidi thinks it looks messy, while Ru thinks it’s a bit random and that Keith is just making excuses. Michael: “sad chicken”. Nina reminds him that he’s had issues with messiness before.
  • Joe! He credits Varla with really nailing the concept, and showing off her fantastic ass.
  • Jerell gave Lemay some glamour. Ru thinks the dress is too long. Michael thinks it’s kind of normal to be coming from Jerell.
  • Korto’s concept was to create fire, and she succeeded. It works on so many levels — color, drama, fit. It’s flattering and sexy!
  • Daniel’s dress looks like sherbert. Nina wants to know why he didn’t do any embellishments. Heidi wanted to see more drama. Daniel seemed to miss the pow. Also, he sounds like he’s going to fall asleep.

8:49: Judges loved Terri, Joe, and Korto. They had problems with Keith’s messy-looking dress, the absence of polish and his failure to fit the body. Jerell’s dress didn’t seem to fit right, and was boring. Daniel’s frock didn’t live up to the challenge, and missed the mark considerably in this and previous challenges. Also he gets very defensive when he gets criticism, which is why he never progresses. Ooh, that’s a good point.

8:51: The hi/lo designers return to the runway for the judges’ descision. But who will it be! And it’s… commercial break!

Note: The dresses made in this challenge are going to be auctioned off to benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

This week’s poll was “Who would you rather see in drag?”, and the winner is Tim (54%). But the real question is: what would Tim’s drag name be?

8:56: Terri is in! And the winner is Joe! Yay! He wins immunity in the next challenge! Terri looks kinda cheesed. Korto is also safe, and leaves the runway. Jerell is in, and looks relieved.

Daniel is on the runway because he played it safe, and gave the judges nothing but excuses. Keith is also there because his look was random and something they’ve seen before. Daniel is out, much like Patrick and I thought, and Keith (so hot) lives to see another challenge. Thank goodness.

For once Patrick and I correctly predicted both the winner and loser. I think we deserve a prize or something.


~ by Jasmine on August 20, 2008.

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