labor day

What did I do this week?

  • Donated $10 to the Obama campaign (wish it was more, but I bought a birthday present with my dad and I haven’t been reimbursed yet)
  • Sat glued to TV set for DNC. Am prepared to do same for RNC in the name of fairness but I can’t say I expect to enjoy any of it.

What I am doing this weekend?

  • Gapers Block get-together tonight! Though I must confess I am feeling anti-social (and also broke!) and may bag to go home, watch whatever rerun of “Doctor Who” I have on my DVR and drink a bottle of lambic.
  • work: start work on freelance piece for TOC, write more for book proposal, recap episode 2 of “The Cho Show”
  • Ikea with Nite & Jeff! I was thinking of scamming the clearance section for cheap curtains, and at the very least get me some balls. Swedish meatballs, that is.
  • Thom’s birthday party
  • goodbye drinks for Stef?
  • grilling at Kathy’s?

~ by Jasmine on August 29, 2008.

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