PR live-blog 5.8: “Double O Fashion”

8:04: The designers don’t know who they’re designing for even though we know they’re gonna be working it out for Diane von Fusternberg. What, her name isn’t on her studio doors? Whatevs — the goddess Diane descends down a long staircase and the designers are appropriately awed.

8:06: The assignment is to create a look for Diane’s fall collection inspired by the movie A Foreign Affair. She explains the movie’s plot, giving some historical context (spies, late 30’s/early 40’s), and shows off a few samples of her own. The winning look will be produced, sold to American Express cardmembers with proceeds going to CFDA. High visibility, certainly, but not the same as having it sold to the masses via QVC (where you can buy DvF).

8:08: DvF fabrics! Why the hell is Kenley crying? Like I care. Stella is having problem with fabrics, and Kenley steps in to drag some bolts off for her.

8:09: Black mohair. Silk with all these fireworks. Naturally, Terri’s going to use the silk to make some “sickening pants”. OMG why can’t she make a fucking dress already? Stop with the pants! Leanne is relieved to have immunity, but wants to win and intends to push the boundaries.

8:10: Tim leaves the designers with their fabric and their notions, and the designers proceed to work towards a midnight deadline.

8:11: Suede’s concept of military-inspired fashion triggered by the movie’s Berlin setting worries me. Also, he’s working in black. Where are the DvF prints the label is known for?

8:12: The designers weigh in on Terri’s tendency towards pants. During a break, Stella refuses to give up details about her own outfit. I suspect leather might be involved.

8:13: Leanne finds the emergence of people’s competitiveness interesting. And that’s about it. I keep waiting for Leanne to fall over during a talking head, but she never does.

8:19: I find myself intrigued by Stella’s cape. Not so much by Joe’s Asian-inspired backless number. Joe, it doesn’t help when you hum chinky-ass melodies to explain your outfit. *rolls eyes*

8:20: Secret Agent Leanimal. What the hell is wrong with you. Stop. Suede is fearful that his blue hair would give him away if he were a spy. But that’s easly taken care of, just shave your hair and stop talking about yourself in the third person!

8:21: Kenley manages to make an entire dress out of her yarld and a half of fabric. She insists it’ll work, despite Terri’s doubt. Tim drops in. His comments are below:

  • Suede: “Visually I’m not getting it.” Suede’s gonna work i tout regardless.
  • Leanne: Tim loves the blue, but wonders if the jacket is too long. Both agree it’s sloppy, and Tim suggests she shrinks it.
  • Joe: Worried about time.
  • Korto: Volume on top is good.
  • Stella: Missed this as I was flipping over my pork chops.
  • Kenley: Glad that Tim could see the Shanghai in her dress. Also, he likes the silhouette.

8:26: Kenley is still crying. Girl, why you crying? Stop it.

8:30: Double-sided vest is good in theory but in practice it looks like the floormat of a hybrid car. Oh, and I want one of those huge Mood shopping bags. They’re like Scoop shopping bags but without the douchey connotation.

8:31: Terri still doesn’t have a blouse. She says “We’re all screwed!” which isn’t strictly true. Kenley gloats that her dress is finished, at least.

8:32: Oh, and Korto wants to win. Well, I should hope so.

8:33: Tim gives them the 10 minute warning. Joe thinks his look is so polished it might get lost among the crop coming down the runway. Kenley sees his confidence, but doesn’t know where his confidence is coming from. Rowr! Feist 1 is talking shit.

8:34: “Designers and models, this is it.” Tim calls them all out to the runway for the show.

8:49: IM’ing with Patrick below:

8:29:54 PM Patrick: dude she can wipe her tears on my shoulder any day
8:30:05 PM Patrick: also wtf was stella wearing a bikini or some shit int he mroning
8:34:32 PM Jasmine: don’t want to know
8:40:20 PM Patrick: leanne istoo retro
8:40:29 PM Jasmine: i like it
8:40:35 PM Patrick: why didnt terrirs model take off her coat
8:40:45 PM Patrick: jerrel is cray
8:40:49 PM Patrick: that stuff seems the most modern
8:40:54 PM Jasmine: not sure
8:40:58 PM Jasmine: maybe she was cold?
8:40:59 PM Patrick: i like kortos
8:41:13 PM Jasmine: love it
8:41:15 PM Patrick: glayne has a lot of stuff going on
8:41:24 PM Jasmine: the print, the length, the little cooat — korot was beautiful
8:41:27 PM Jasmine: he made short pants?
8:41:30 PM Patrick: suedes seems a bit sloppy
8:41:34 PM Patrick: yees the shrot pant was odd
8:41:47 PM Patrick: stella looks a bit sloppy as well
8:41:50 PM Patrick: but better than last week
8:41:57 PM Patrick: i like kenlleys
8:42:02 PM Jasmine: it helps that they’re working with fabric this week
8:42:03 PM Patrick: but who knows
8:42:06 PM Jasmine: it’s too chinky for my taste
8:42:08 PM Patrick: yes that is true
8:42:09 PM Patrick: bwhahahahaa
8:42:12 PM Patrick: yeah i ntoed that
8:42:19 PM Patrick: too oriental to use joeswords
8:42:24 PM Jasmine: i think the lace is kind of old fashioned
8:42:40 PM Patrick: joeiskinda odd
8:42:41 PM Patrick: thatistrue
8:42:45 PM Patrick: or skanky
8:43:46 PM Jasmine: yay korto!
8:43:50 PM Patrick: hee
8:43:53 PM Patrick: koe looksbad
8:44:55 PM Patrick: kenley is a bit trouble
8:45:06 PM Jasmine: she missed the layering piece
8:45:15 PM Jasmine: did you see leanne’s eye roll?
8:45:16 PM Jasmine: bwahahaha
8:45:23 PM Patrick: when len;eyos fighting
8:45:32 PM Patrick: what is kenley wearing
8:45:41 PM Patrick: diane likes it
8:45:47 PM Patrick: i like how she shut everyone else up
8:45:58 PM Jasmine: and then they were all “oh it’s very simple and chic”
8:46:08 PM Patrick: exactly
8:46:16 PM Patrick: furstenburg makes you all her bitches
8:46:22 PM Jasmine: exactly
8:46:26 PM Patrick: hilarious
8:47:14 PM Jasmine: my favorites are korto and leanne
8:47:24 PM Patrick: oh boy suede
8:47:26 PM Patrick: sscaaaary
8:47:30 PM Jasmine: also, they look more expensive than kenley’s
8:47:44 PM Patrick: that is true
8:47:47 PM Patrick: i get you
8:48:29 PM Jasmine: sure, kenley made a well-tailored dress, but leanne and korto each made beautiful outfits with two pieces
8:48:54 PM Patrick: i like how they fucking liked kenleys shit after diane shut them up
8:49:22 PM Jasmine: pretty much
8:49:50 PM Patrick: i think stella isgone

8:56: Korto didn’t win? Is Kenley really going to win for her bs dress? No — Leanne nabbed it! Yay Feist 1! Now my final 3 is looking like Leanne, Korto, and… I have no idea. But seriously, she won with immunity. That rules.

8:57: Kenley is safe, as is Suede. Stella (back in the bottom!) and Joe are left. Joe is there because his look confused the judges. Heidi: “And the back was a disaster.” As for Stella, she gave them three pieces, and none of them worked.

8:58: Stella is out, so Joe is safe and makes a run for the back before the judges change their mind. As Heidi kisses her goodbye, Stella says her ego was too big for her to be there anyway. But she learned, she grew, and she was grateful. Aw. Stella looks genuinely happy to be going. Stella’s a rock star, and is always going to be one. Rock on.

8:59: Next week’s episode looks good and bitchy. Woot!


~ by Jasmine on September 3, 2008.

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