chicken with goat cheese & basil

what is on my mind this morning

  1. the election (duh): No longer satisfied to just donate money, consume news and commentary via Twitter, or rant at my television, I am ready (finally) to volunteer. I could call for change tonight at Ann Sather on Belmont with my Lakeview neighbors, or just head down to Obama IL HQ anytime. So many choices, so many ways to “rock for Barack”, so to speak.
  2. the economy: Yeah, I can still pay my rent. I’m lucky enough to still have a job with health insurance and a 401(k). But other folks are struggling. My folks are struggling, and have been for a long time. Always voting for the GOP, they’re committed to voting for Senator Obama come November. I think Senator Obama’s economic policy could provide them and other working people with some relief.
  3. rumors: I’m no longer interested in hearing rumors and lies from pretty much anybody. Yes, I’m talking about the election. If we’re talking celebrities being discussed in US Weekly, however, that’s fine. Um, on second thought…
  4. sadness: My apartment is a sty. I’ve said it. I need help cleaning it. I know this sounds familiar to the people who know me, and the few people who’ve seen my old apartments, but seriously. Nothing says “fat loser spinster” like a freezer full of single portions of frozen vegetables and salmon. Okay, maybe not in general, but when you live in a studio, you can’t help but hear “Eleanor Rigby” every time you come home. Though in my mind it’s the defiant version by Aretha Franklin from “This Girl’s In Love With You”.
  5. That being said: (thank you, Xina)
  6. My admiration and adoration of Ina Garten, aka “The Barefoot Contessa”, continues. I made her chicken with goat cheese and basil Monday night for supper. OMFG. Picture is on Flickr. I got lazy, though, and bought boneless, skin-on chicken breast from Whole Foods instead of getting skin-on, bone-in from Dominick’s and de-boning myself. Because my knife skills are amateur at best, and anyway my beautiful Wusthoff needs to be sharpened anyway. I shoudl remember to take care of that, as the Whole Foods chicken, being organic and de-boned and from Whole Foods, was really expensive. Really expensive. But still very good.

what i’m up to (work-wise)

  1. working on another piece for Time Out Chicago (woot!)
  2. thinking up things to post on Gapers Block
  3. recapping like a fool for Recapist — MTV aired two episodes of “The Hills” this week, and they were really good.

what i’ve got going (fun-wise)

  1. birthday dinner for Khloé
  2. Byl’s “Grown and Sexy” birthday at Mary’s Attic
  3. “Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist”/Paul Weller @ HoB with Elisa next Tuesday

~ by Jasmine on September 10, 2008.

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