PR live-blog 5.9: “What’s Your Sign”

8:00: There’s nothing that gets my tv-watching motor running like a team challenge based on team member astrological signs. NOTHING.

8:01: Terri is crabby (what’s her sing-song “Ding dong the witch is dead” thing about? when did she have beef with Stella?) while Kenley is, surprise surprise, confident that she will win.

8:02: Designers assemble on the runway, where Leanne decides to stick with Carolyn. So Kendall is auf’d. Bye bye! Whenever a model is sent home, I think of the walk of shame because the model is usually wearing a slip.

8:03: Who let the losers in? Previously auf’d designers appear on the runway, and Jerell is cautious. Why are they there? Heidi explains they’ll pair up with eliminated designers to create an avant garde look. Tim will explain the details in the work room. Kenley doesn’t like it, as her genius works better alone.

8:04: “What Heidi didn’t say is that look must be inspired by the astrological sign of one member of your team.” Okay, avant garde is cool, but signs? Barf. They go in order by astrological sign, so Korto goes first. Tim picks partner names out of the black velvet bag.

8:05: PS I have so much love for Tim reading names then saying “Who is a Scorpio!” after each. He manages to get through with a straight face, so to speak. Ha ha, Terri hates on Keith and guess who she gets paired with? Bwhahahahaha.

8:06: 30 minutes to caucus, then 2 days to complete the challenge. The teams get dossiers on each sign and get to work.

8:08: Patrick says “hilarious. cat power and feist together” The teams are all “oh that sign is so me.” Shopping at Mood is better for some teams then others. While Wesley takes direction from Kenley pretty well, Keith and Terri are not really communicating well.

8:09: Jerry and Suede are thinking a halter jumpsuit based on Jerry’s sign, Libra, to move away from an animal look.

8:10: Terri on Keith: “Keith’s skill level is not the same as mine.” Oh great — they don’t get along and Keith is still feeling fragile after his boot. Terri thinks he can count the pins that fall on the floor. That’s so bitchy but hahahahahahahahaha.

8:15: Leanne finds Kenley “beyond annoying” — ooh, passive-aggressive bitch fight! Bring it! I get the feeling Kenley doesn’t have a lot of female friends. Is she the Sarah Palin of PR?

8:17: Tim checks in.

  • Tim is perplexed by Jerell and Jennifer’s fabric choice, they could win or crash and burn.
  • Leanne and Emily are doing scorpio, creating a hard exo-skeleton which looks kinda awesome. They have a lot of work, but they’ll get it done.
  • Kenley and Wesley show off the sketch — a plaid shirt under a bustier. Zebra belt. Floral skirt. “There is a fine line between avant garde and costume.” Kenley’s all laughy and is confident, while Wesley won’t contribute because he feels like it will get ripped apart on the runway. Way to be an underminer.
  • Tim hopes that Terri and Keith have good synergy. Silence. They fight, but Tim is not trying to hear that shit. And neither am I.

8:20: Day 2 of the challenge, and Suede is nervous at the amount of work they have to do. Terri is already pre-planning her stress. What does that even mean? The designers find notes from Heidi: they are invited to present that night at 8:00, at a party at the planetarium. Also, two designers are getting eliminated. Stella seems to have the right attitude — she doesn’t care that people get cut, she cares about Blayne getting eliminated.

8:23: Keith gives up on Terri, who won’t respond to his offers to help. Also, Tim sends in the models for hair and makeup. Another bomb: no immunity for this or future challenges. I guess they’re getting close to the end. Dang.

8:24: Kenley says she is not impressed by any of the other outfits. You know why? Because she’s a bitch and can’t see that she made a costume for a crackhead production of ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

8:25: This week’s Saturn-inspired PR aluma is season 3 Laura, who made a sparkly blue cocktail dress with a red cape. Yawn. When is Mychael Knight going to come on and make something sexy?

8:27: OMG, a commercial with a gay male couple? They’re cute, but they’re just as annoying as their straight counterparts. Still, though, they can’t match those eHarmony couples for sheer creepiness.

8:29: Planetarium! Special guest! I loved going to the Planetarium on field trips as a kid. Special guest is actually guests, designers from previous seasons like season 1 Jay, season 2 Kara, season 4 Christian, and so forth. They will pick the winner. Oooh. Terri makes some bullshit excuse about how their looks aren’t quite ready, but the night is about fun before the next days judging.

8:30: Kenley doesn’t agree with Heidi about her look’s sagging boobs. I think the eyeroll should be obvious.

8:31: Heidi is pretty tough on Blayne’s old lady underwear look. Carmen doesn’t get Suede’s repetitive hoops. Daniel loves Jerell and Jennifer’s look while Kara is feeling Joe and Daniel’s look.

8:32: Leanne is unsure of the judges but too late for that. The judges cast their vote and so the night ends.

8:33: Challenge! Terri kills the collar that Christian did not like. Working alone while Keith naps on the couch. Korto still has a hell of a lot of sewing to do, as her look is pinned together.

8:34: Okay, I’m feeling the hair and makeup for this challenge. What am I not feeling? Suede still talking about his ass in the third person.

8:41: Michael, Nina, and Francisco Costa of Calvin Klein are the judges. Though the PR alumni already picked the winner, these guys are on hand to find the losers.

8:43: Who’s safe?

  • Jerrell
  • Korto
  • Leanne
  • Joe

8:44: Who’s not safe?

  • Terri
  • Blayen
  • Suede
  • Kenley (oooh)

The models emerge and we start with:

  • Blayne (Libra): The scale look he was going for just ends up looking haphazard, a one-legged monster to Nina. Michael sees that the model is pretty much pooping fabric.
  • Terri (Leo): She was aiming for heat. She said she did some changes based on feedback, then tries to blame Keith for the outfit. Michael is not buying her excuses. Terri is shocked, but has to be confronted: she has poor taste, and must learn to work with others.
  • Kenley (Aquarius): She thought it turned out really cool. Nina is puzzled, and thinks Kenley did what she wanted to do regardless of the challenge. Patrick thinks Kenley is this season’s Santino.
  • Suede (Libra): They were inspired by the scale, but Suede wanted to keep it refined. Bording on expected, Nina assesses.

8:49: Judges confab, deeming Blayne’s look a joke. “Oooh, that’s bad. But true.” Heidi gasps. Nina notes that Kenley’s defensiveness and her unwillingness to look at other designers is keeping her back. They call Terri out for not taking Keith’s help. And Suede’s big sin was that his look was boring, not avant garde, tacky (Francisco’s words). Michael senses self-delusion on their part.

8:51: All the designers come back out to find out who the winner and losers are. But first, a commercial break. Aw!

Jerrells winning look for the Whats Your Sign challenge

Jerrell's winning look for the "What's Your Sign" challenge

8:55: Jerrell won! Patrick said it was like a Klimt painting and seriously, it was. That liquid gold top with the crazy checked, structural skirt? Beautiful. The other high designers leave, as they are safe. And Kenley is safe, so she leaves, much to Patrick’s relief. But who cares about that when there are designers to auf. First to go is Blayne. Second to go… is Terri. About time. Attitude-wise, I think Terri and Kenley were at the same level, but Terri gets cut for being angry and non-cooperative while Kenley stays because she’s merely annoying? Dunno.

8:58: Terri packs up in her loser spotlight, followed by Blayne. They vow to keep going.


~ by Jasmine on September 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “PR live-blog 5.9: “What’s Your Sign””

  1. What is the name of the song they play at the end of the show?

  2. uramoskva, it’s “Breath On Me” by Harold Barefoot Saunders. I believe it is included on the Project Runway soundtrack.

  3. Thanks!!!!!!

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