catching up

  • Op-Art: Bwahahahahahahahaha. [h/t Commander Robot]
  • I am in love with Gavin & Stacey. Series co-creator Ruth Jones is my new comedy writer lady hero. I guess I could have just written “my new comedy writer heroine” but I suppose that explains why I am not a comedy writer. Yet.
    • I hate that word “yet”. So much said in three little letters.
    • Who am I, Morrissey? Stop moping and get hustling.
  • Commander Robot thinks “The Office” is the Whitest show ever. Not sure what he means, but I’m sure he’ll explain when he feels like it.
  • Any thoughts on Project Runway? Did Korto deserve that win? Did Suede deserve to go home? Will Kenley ever get served, by which I mean given a verbal smackdown she so deserves?
  • IM from CR: By Whitest show, he meant “white people love it”. I guess every episode can’t be “Diversity Day”. We’re still waiting for a POC to emerge as a main character.
    • Glad to learn that Stanley lost seven pounds over the summer, but what else do we know about him?
    • Kelly is still bat-shit crazy, but still hilarious. I wonder if her relationship with Darryl might actually be worse than her non-relationship with Ryan.
    • Oscar takes yoga.
    • Toby watching dubbed ‘Entourage’ in a Costa Rican hospital? Perfect ending.
    • And Mad Men’s Rich Sommer! So cute! He has a blog. You should read it.
  • I could stay up all night checking for Twitter updates. Thank goodness I don’t.
  • Gapers Block happy hour tonight!

~ by Jasmine on September 26, 2008.

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