jasmine’s to-do list

to write

  • recaps of last two episodes of ‘The Hills’: Lauren goes to Italy! Steph and Doug have dinner! Mama Montag comes to visit! Doug sells Steph out, and don’t nobody want to help her out.
  • recaps of last three episodes of ‘The Cho Show’: lost interest in the puns and the ass jokes but still gotta do it for the sake of completion
  • season premiere of ‘Lipstick Jungle’: still kinda cheesed that this survived the season but ‘Cashmere Mafia’ did not. Nice to see Lucy Liu scored a gig on ‘Dirty Sexy Money’
  • spec scripts: top secret!

to watch

  • Anne of Green Gables: Sent back DVDs of “The Awful Truth” to Netflix, so my favorite serialized tv movie about everyone’s favorite Canadian redhead who isn’t Shenae Grimes should be appearing soon
  • all the classic movies from TCM I’ve recorded in the last few weeks
  • Chicago Film Festival (starting soon-ish)

to eat

  • leftover pastrami from Perry’s (in fridge at work)
  • salmon (frozen in freezer – I need marinade recipes)
  • pork (frozen in freezer – I need honey to make my heart-stopping honey and pecan pork chops

to read

  • back issues of The New Yorker
  • New York Times for recipes
  • books on high school reading list (where is that copy of the Metamorphoses I bought earlier this year?)
  • visa requirements for the UK (Patrick and I are trying to plan a trip to London and/or Paris in winter)

~ by Jasmine on September 30, 2008.

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