PR live-blog 5.12: “Nature Calls”

Times are central because, well, if you don’t know by now, then when will you?

8:06: Thoughts so far:

  • Kenley and Leanne are not talking. Oh tragedy.
  • I loved the Botanic Gardens as a kid.
  • Collier Strong has a wonderfully growly yet comforting voice. Woof.
  • Kenley appears to be drawn to boring flowers.

8:08: Challenge is to design an evening gown based on one of the pics they took at the Gardens. I lurve Korto’s orangey kinda flamenco. Kenley finds a purple snakeskin to match her photo. Jerell’s going kinda crazy to match his purple with flashes of green color sotry. We’ll see.

8:10: Patrick sez:

does jerrell own a whole shirt

only dudes who have open shuirts like that are evil martial arts masters

they dont close their gi

to show how badass their are

Good question.

8:11: I like Leanne’s sketch of her tiered gown but then I wonder: scalloped potatoes? Au gratin?

8:11: Kenley can’t find her tulle. She decides she can’t waste time looking for it, and Jerell won’t let her use his unused tulle, so she uses drafting paper. I wonder if her dress will be noisy. And guess what? Nobody feels bad because as Korto says she has a crap attitude.

8:17: Kenley can go back and get more tulle, because it’s on her receipt and Tim doesn’t want her to be handicapped. The other designers keep mum.

8:19: “What is this thing? This tube dress of scales?” Jerell, you and I are on the same page with regards to Kenley’s dress.

8:21: Oh, Kenley is all alone and left out. Oh boo hoo, adversity. Focus on that ugly-ass dress.

8:23: Patrick on Kenley (he wishes):

the daughter of a tugboat captain

very fairy tale

wheres baz luhrman

make this musical sir

8:27: “I’m feeling good about this. I really love it.” Kenley needs to get it to work. But scales in a botanical challenge? Octopus’s Garden?

8:28: Tim likes the layers of Jerell’s look but it needs to look more finishes. Leanne’s dress looks incredible on top but the bottom is too Hello, Dolly! Tim takes a minute to say he is proud of all of them, but get to work work work. Oh, I wish Tim would tell me he was proud of me. For what, I don’t know, but oh well.

8:30: Pressure is getting to Jerell and Leanne. I think I might cry. And Korto!

8:31: Runway day. They all seem a little more dressed up. Oh, and I love the dress that Leanne is wearing, as well as the dress she made. As Rachel Zoe says, “I die.”

8:32: Patrick thinks the episode is dragging, which I think can happen when there’s only four designers left. It seems less active, but possibly more intense.

8:37: Runway show! Heidi explains rules, prizes, and the challenge. We meet the judges – Michael, Nina, and Georgina Chapman of Marchesa.

8:38: Korto didn’t draw inspiration from her flowers silhouette. I love those damn pleats, but Patrick thinks it’s very prom. I’m actually loving Jerell’s dress. Very sophisticated, I think. I have nought to say about Kenley, but I feel she and Korto or she and Leanne will be in the bottom two.

8:39: They start with Leanne:

  • Leanne wanted to recreate the structure of the lavender — soft but structured, organic. Georgina likes it, and Nina is pleasantly surpised. What’s with the bustle? Distracting. All in all, very pretty, Heidi pronounces.
  • Korto’s dress seems to be missing the color, but at least it’s a flattering shape and made beautifully. It’s just not sophisticated. Damn, the judges are not feeling it at all, and Korto maybe wanted to please the judges more than express herself.
  • Jerell explains the roses as the inspiration. Nina sees the technical problems, and Michael says that it’s off, but in a kinda interesting way. Jerell says if he’d had more time he would have made it more billowy and finished. But Michael points out that he’s done this before.
  • The judges don’t dig Kenley’s dress. Nina actually says it’s kinda creepy. The problem is that this girl looks old. “I wasn’t going for elegance, Heidi.” But is Michael right when he says that Kenley’s there because they liked her stuff? Or is it that they happened to like other people’s stuff more?

The judges ask the designers why they deserve to move on, and who does not?

  • Jerell: He’s got so much to show. Designers under the bus: Kenley. “Jerell, Korto, and Leanne. At the tents!”
  • Leanne feels that Jerell and Korto are on her level and wavelength.
  • Korto still has her dream.
  • Kenley’s all boo hoo and contrite and she grew up tough. Not feeling it. Never did. And I suspect I never wil.

8:47: Korto calls out Kenley for always dogging her out whenever she feels has to defend herself. Why is everything so much harder for Kenley than it is for everybody else?

8:48: Judges talk.

  • Leanne: Gets bogged down by details. She is herself. The look was signature.
  • Jerell: He needs to execute some polish.
  • Korto: The look was bridal and pageant. In her defense, she loves color and always has gorgeous construction.
  • Kenley: She can mix fabric, but today’s look had no taste and nothing of what Kenley described. As to her attitude: imagine what she’d be like with anyone who disagreed with her professionally?

8:51: Patrick thinks they’ll go for Kenley because PR is youth-oriented, and wants to avoid another Chloe Dao victory.

8:57: I wonder if none of them wins? Leanne and Jerell had the highest scores, so that means Kenley and Korto are the lowest. Jerell won, but just barely. Because they couldn’t decide on a loser, they will all go home to make collections. When they return, one of them will be out. And any of them, including Jerell. Group hug for everyone, except Kenley who is still annoyed. Rolls eyes.


~ by Jasmine on October 1, 2008.

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