PR live-blog 5.13: “Finale Part 1”

I thought Leanne would live in a treehouse.

Jerell’s mother and sister are stunning. His collection looks pretty unfinished. Uh oh.

Tim was really nice to Kenley when he stops at her apartment. Kenley painted fabric, inspired by painting roses in “Alice in Wonderland”. Also, rope, because SHE’S THE DAUGHTER OF A TUGBOAT CAPTAIN. Patrick allows as he thought of autoerotic asphyxiation. Though I will admit that yellow feather dress is kinda hot.

And did I miss Korto? Damn. Wanted to see that.

Of course, Leanne and Korto pick a room in the suite together. Leaving Jerell to room with Kenley. Kenley tosses off a weak apology about being a bitch when she arrives. Wearing a sequined beret. NO. And then the champagne from Tim arrives. The apology seemed to defuse the mood a bit, and so the designers toast. Aw.

5 days until fashion week! The designers arrive at the workspace, and begin to unpack.

Turns out the final challenge is to design an accompanying bridesmaid dress to go with the wedding dresses they were asked to design. That will decide which of the designers proceed to fashion week. Oooh.

Jerell says that he is the kind of designer who lets the fabric tell him what to do and he goes.

Tim just said “Just go go go on these Brotherâ„¢ sewing machines!” Oh, product pluggin, how I hate you.

Did Jerell just say bridesmaid dresses are ugly? So he’s just gonna leave it? Korto’s not down: “There’s nothing wrong with your bridesmaids being cute, ladies!” Too true.

Tim checks in:

  • Kenley’s doing a bubble wrap skirt with a boat (get it? TUGBOAT CAPTAIN!) neck.
  • Jerell’s dress looks unfinished. And the puckering is bothersome. It looks sloppy. “Don’t fight with Mother Nature. “Or Nina Garcia!”
  • Leanne’s dress is finally making music, and it’s really gorgeous but crazy. It looks like a meringue with gills. Her bridesmaid dress could be cuter, though.
  • Tim sees two wedding dresses, the colors being so close, as opposed to a wedding dress and a bridesmaid dress. Are they really competing with each other?

Tim leaves the designers for the night, reminding the designers that they have to stand by their dresses the next day at judgment. He tears up when he says that he cares about them. Aw!

Judgment day! The view from the presidential suite at the Westin is killer. Oh, and Kenley is pissed that Leanne and Korto “knocked [her] off” by doing short dresses. Ooh, and Leanne just ding Korto’s bridesmaid dress? This is a competition, remember. Leanne is pleased that her model appears to love wearing the wedding dress. Korto gets a little weepy saying that she doesn’t want to go home but she doesn’t want them to go home, either. Yes, even Kenley.

Runway! No guest judges. Patrick thinks Korto’s dresses look overwrought but we agree that Leanne’s dresses are gorgeous.

Michael and Nina loved Leanne’s dresses: “It’s modern but dreamy. And it’s you.” Leanne was inspired by waves. Heidi says: “I love it, too. I think you did a fantastic job.”

Michael loves Jerell’s wedding dress from the Empire waist down. Where Michael saw garish, Jerell saw regal. Nina doesn’t think that he put a lot of thought into it.

The judges think Kenley is very Alexander McQueen but still her. The bridesmaid dress is super cute, according to Michael. And Heidi said it was crazy good. Wha? I’m confused.

Nobody loves Korto’s dresses. Korto is taken aback, to say the least. And now the judges will deliberate.

Judges liked Leanne and Kenley. They felt Korto went overboard on her wedding dress and didn’t do enough on the bridesmaid dress. Jerell’s dress was overwrought, and Nina points out that all he does is embellish things.

Leanne and Kenley are in, so they go backstage to congratulate each other. Whee! Korto and Jerell are left, Korto because her dresses were not related to each other. Jerell’s dresses were just too much. Korto is in, so she tearfully hugs Jerell before joining Leanne and Kenley backstage. And Jerell is auf’d. Backstage, he’s all “Tear it up, girls.” before cleaning up his workspace and leaving.


~ by Jasmine on October 8, 2008.

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