holiday 2008: presents for the other woman

It’s October, which means it’s time to start thinking about Christmas presents. If Esquire is to be believed, anyway.

No, it makes sense, with the monthly magazines about to release November and December editions. Thank goodness for the internet, which makes this process all the quicker.

I subscribe to Esquire’s RSS feed because, well, actually I’m not sure, except that I like the magazine. Always struck me as GQ’s cousin with a better sense of humor.

Anyway, the RSS feed delivered a bunch of Christmas gift guides for various recipients, among them your dad and your wife. Oh, and your other lady, aka your mistress or lover. I digs it. Really.  The mistress list if just a tad sexier (Louboutin heels, Legere bandage dress) if shorter than the wife offerings (which run the gamut from fragrance to golf clubs to ice cream to, yes, lingerie). I guess if your wife is going to be opening her presents with you (hopefully) and the kids, it would be more appropriate for her to open a beautiful cocktail ring than, say, a DVD of “The Lover”.


~ by Jasmine on October 13, 2008.

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