america’s next top citizen

I started the naturalization process back in September, when I sent in my application (finally).

  1. I send in naturalization app and exorbitant fee.
  2. The day after I do it, I realize I answered the question about the number of international trips taken totally wrong. Instead of putting down every trip I’ve taken since getting my green card at the age of three, I put down every trip abroad in the last five years.
  3. Oh crap.
  4. I go see Thom’s friend Mike the totally cute immigration lawyer. He charges me a very reasonable consult fee, then tells me the mistake I made is not a big deal. Under the FOIA act, I can send a request to U.S. Customs for records of every U.S. entry/exit I’ve made since whenever.
  5. I send off my letter.
  6. I get a reply about a month later (just this past Saturday, actually), saying Customs needs some more time as my case has garnered the attention of some other agencies.
  7. I freak out, but an e-mail to Mike assures me. This shouldn’t be a big deal, as USCIS probably needs to get records from other branches. From back in the day, when USCIS was known as INS and run by other agencies.

And now it’s Monday, and I totally got the civics flash cards in the mail! Whee! I can use them to study and bring them to game nights after I’ve taken the test. It just occurred to me, though, that if I want to take the old multiple choice citizenship test, I could do that, too.

I got the flash cards delivered at work. I came home to find a letter, a “request for applicant to appear for naturalization initial interview.” OMG. Excited and freaking out in a good way. What do I wear? I’ve got about six weeks to figure it all out.


~ by Jasmine on October 20, 2008.

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