Yes We Did.

Yes We Did.

I’m way too tired to blog about this night properly. But I wanted to say a few things before I head home (yes, I’m at the office – I left my purse here so I wouldn’t have to worry about checking it at the rally):

  1. Getting into the park was slow, but pretty smooth. Folks were nice and friendly.
  2. Secret Service were hanging at the metal detectors. They totally meant business.
  3. And that went for all law enforcement, especially those CPD horsies.
  4. I ate a slice of pizza from some folks who had an extra slice. And Tony bought me a diet coke. I don’t know how else I would have made it through 4 hours of standing.
  5. BTW, Tony kept everybody cracking up. Seriously. This is a man who, upon seeing video of Jesse Jackson shedding tears of joy, still called Jesse out for being a hater.
  6. So many cool eyeglasses in the crowd.
  7. Watching CNN in a huge crowd was nice, as we got no crappy commercials.
  8. Nobody knew what country song they kept playing after “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”.
  9. I should have taken my proper camera to take better shots. Oh well, I’ll just use my words to paint you a picture. [rolls eyes]
  10. President-elect Barack Obama. Vice President-elect Joe Biden. Sounds good to me.

~ by Jasmine on November 5, 2008.

One Response to “Tomorrow”

  1. i wish i could have been there! i watched the speech/rally online. hello chicago!!!

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