pressing the mind grapes: code names

So today I posted an item on Gapers Block about the Obamas’ Secret Service code names. I don’t suppose that POTUS or VPOTUS get to pick the names, so whose job is it to decide? Is it in the job description of one or two very special Secret Service agents to come up with these names.

The Obama names are:

  • Renegade (Barack)
  • Renaissance (Michelle)
  • Radiance (Malia)
  • Rosebud (Sasha)

The girls’ names make me go all “Aw!” inside. Totally appropriate and adorable. Renegade and Renaissance could be, like, the coolest G.I. Joe couple ever.

I wonder if extended family get Secret Service code names as well? When Michelle’s mother Marian Robinson is visiting, what is her code name? I have some suggestions:

  • River
  • Radiant
  • Resiliance
  • Reveller
  • Rhumba (woo!)

The Biden names are:

  • Celtic (Joe)
  • Capri (Jill)

I love the Biden names. Hard C sound for both names, which refer to their ancestry to boot — Irish for Joe, Italian for Jill.

If I had my choice, I’d have to choose Penguin or Puffin, after my favorite birds. But then Holly Madison used to call Hugh Hefner “Puffin” when they dated (as shown on the E! tv show “Girls Next Door”), so I guess that’s been ruined.

Thoughts on your own Secret Service code name, if you had one? Leave it in the comments please.


~ by Jasmine on November 10, 2008.

4 Responses to “pressing the mind grapes: code names”

  1. For some reason the following come to mind for me and my family:

    Me: Matchbox
    Elaine: Magnolia
    Susana: Marigold

    Does the Secret Service have code names for the pets too? If so I want my dog to be Marmalard and my cat to be Mako.

  2. mrmcderm:

    Your names are simply awesome.

    And I thought about the presidential pets, too. The Obama and Biden families are both getting dogs, though the Obamas are holding off until spring.

    I was thinking Rover for the Obama dog. A code name for the future Biden dog that starts with the letter C is not coming to mind. I checked state symbols for Delaware — nothing there was of any help. Cupcake?

  3. “Chrysanthemum”. Or Rachel Maddow’s suggestion for herself: “Dorknozzle”.

  4. pinstripebindi!

    I love it Chrysanthemum. Beautiful flower and a beautiful name.

    And clearly I need to remember to watch Maddow every night – just following her on Twitter is not enough.

    Thanks for the great comment.

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