Rahma Lama Ding Dong

  • Rahm Facts are the new Chuck Norris Facts only better because they are all true. Especially the ones about the missing part of his right middle finger. Note: I posted this on Gapers Block yesterday. I can haz page view? [Rahm Facts]
  • Advanced Emanuel Brothers Personality Test From Hell [Wonkette]

Should I be looking for Rahm Emanuel to host SNL? Or maybe they can get Bradley Whitford to play him in any presidential sketches? It kinda works, as Bradley played Josh Lyman, a character based on Rahm, on “The West Wing”. For fun: Josh Lyman quotes on IMDb.

I still can’t get behind Fred Armisen’s Barack or Maya Rudolph’s Michelle. There aren’t any other past or present SNL players that I can recommend. Is that a slight on my own limited memory and capacity for SNL casting, or just a dig at the fact? theory? that Lorne Michaels doesn’t know a lot of people of color.

Anyway, I was thinking Aisha Tyler would make a wonderful Michelle Obama but she’s never been on SNL. Well, John Goodman was never part of the cast but his Linda Tripp was phenomenal. So stop talking up Ellen Cleghorne, who was never funny to me.

What about the President-elect? I got nothing. Suggestions? Please leave in comments, and any other thoughts you may have.


~ by Jasmine on November 11, 2008.

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