idiot box

A new alien race called “the 456” (pronounced “four-five-six”) will be introduced in Torchwood’s “Children of the Earth”. []

Love it. They don’t sound like villains so much as an obscure punk band.

MADtv is canceled. [Defamer]

They’ll be finishing the current season, but are not renewed for next year. I never got into the show, but I always dug the racial diversity of its cast throughout the years. *Cough*, SNL, *cough*.

“Steve at the movies” [GB]

Anybody wanna see “Soul Men” with me some time soon?

“7 Days of 007: The Ten Worst James Bond Moments Ever” [Film School Rejects]


“Get him a body-bag, Johnny” [The Atlantic]

Ta-Nehisi Coates on the planned remake of “The Karate Kid” starring Jaden “Son of Will Smith” Smith.

Myself, I’m sort of meh on the whole thing. The only KK movie I was ever into was no. 2, as it took place in Okinawa, where I grew up, though not at the same time as I was there. The only star power I remember coming to the island was when the “Happy Days” gang did a USO tour, playing softball with the soldiers.

Just wake me if anyone decides to remake “Born Losers” or “Billy Jack” or “The Trial of Billy Jack” or even “Billy Jack Goes to Washington”. Now those were some movies FYA.


~ by Jasmine on November 12, 2008.

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