lazy sunday: muppet edition

Got up at 10:30.

Indolent until 12:30. Showered and dressed. Left 1:00 to get downtown. Arrived Gene Siskel to pick up tickets for “The Muppet Movie” at 2:00. Sold extra ticket to lady behind me on line after trying to give it to her. She insisted on paying me though I insisted I had no change. She gave me $5 and I admitted defeat. Jeff Y. arrived right before movie began. Movie began. Laughed arse off, but most especially at this scene featuring Steve Martin:

Movie ended around 3:40. Walked outside to find it snowing. Hello, winter.

Walked up to Big Bowl for late lunch/early dinner. Bathrooms at restaurant had Dyson Airblades — awesome. Took bus home. Ate strawberry cheesecake ice cream — nom nom nom. Watched Obamas on “60 Minutes”, “The Simpsons”. Shopped on-line for cold weather wardrobe staples — long underwear, SmartWool® socks, boots. Hello, winter.

Sleepy now.


~ by Jasmine on November 16, 2008.

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