the itis in absentia

foodstuffs I am missing at this moment

  1. the original KFC: Kennedy Fried Chicken
  2. Jamaican beef patties: “Tower Isle’s — we’re hot!”
  3. A&J Pizza (Forest Hills!)
  4. dinnertime karaoke at Krystal’s Cafe (Woodside!)

stuff to read today

  • Why Doesn’t Costco Accept Food Stamps? [NYT]
    Note: I remember my mom using food stamps when they were actual stamps that looked sorta like dollar bills. It seemed like the only cold cereal she could or was able to buy at the local C-Town (Woodhaven, not Cypress Hills) was Kix. Which, by the way, I can no longer bear to eat.
  • “Siskel & Ebert & the Jugular” [S-T]
  • “It could be worse — we could be in New York City; the ‘Pokey’ award” [CTA Tattler]
  • “Chicago — reborn from the last time the NYT deigned to write about it” [Reader: Chicagoland]
    Note: I think the NYT has a similar way of covering Philadelphia, too.
  • “30 Seconds on Top Chef: Colicchio Surrenders Craft Edition” [Hungry]

And one more Top Chef post (because the title was so outrageous)

  • “Padma Gags On Sweet Load” [Gawker]

Meanwhile, I’m still blog-less. Meaning, I haven’t blogged in a long long long time. It may not be until next month, in which case prepare for a year-end wrap-up like none I’ve done before. So far, I know I must cover:

  • Clancy & Maria get married (February!)
  • Jacalyn gets married (May!)
  • June road trip to Minneaoplis with Nite & Jeff (June!)
  • Patrick and the parents come to visit (July!)
  • Brookfield Zoo visit (September!)

But I like those flip fronts best where I describe the events of a routine Saturday that is somehow still interesting (at least, to me) if only because it turns out I found a delicious hot dog stand or whatever.


~ by Jasmine on November 20, 2008.

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