Hyacinth says “Hi!”

Or why Jacinda will always be funnier than me.

My mom said: “Hello, little one!” and [Hyacinth] said, plain as day, “hi!” My mom and I each said: “Did you hear that?” and I told her I thought she had been saying it before and my mom agreed. She says it so matter of fact, just like a grown-up. And she smiles. Also, she’s said “dog” a couple of times now when Dooley’s come in the room and she wants to get to him. Again, I thought maybe it was just coincidence, but putting it together it seems like she’s actually in the act of learning to say real words and I just wasn’t giving her credit for it. So cute!  So exciting!  To me. I want more words!  Quite frankly, I want mama, but Hyacinth has only mouthed the sound “ma” MAYBE twice. She can barely make the “m” sound. It’s like she won’t say m’s just to spite me. At least I won’t get demands for “more.” Anyway, now that she can “parrot” I think it may be time for Joe and I to start watching our language. Damn it!


~ by Jasmine on November 25, 2008.

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