boxing day beauty

It’s quiet here at the office, so I’m going to take this time to make an inventory of my recent makeup purchases. Again, not a dud in the bunch. Though I did realize that an eye shadow palette I bought a couple of months ago is not for me — shades are too light, but should be perfect for Jacinda.

But here’s the makeup I’m loving, with notes:

And a few runners-up:

  • Sephora Lip Gloss Pencil, shade no. 5 (plum shimmer): I love drawing a precise outline which is then softened by the gloss. But there are flakes of glitter in this, which is hard to take off. Maybe this is why it’s marked down to $6 from $10?
  • Sephora Sweet Candy Gloss in Apple Pomegranate: Too sticky and possibly too stinky. Tastes good, though I always end up craving some PomTea.
  • Stila Cosmetics Backstage Beauty The Front Row Look Limited Edition (whew!) eye shadow palette: Beautiful colors, finely milled shadows, but too light. So much so that it doesn’t show up on my skin. Why did I buy this for the first place? I’m a sucker, but it’s Jacinda’s if she wants it. I think it’ll look good on her. I’m keeping the eyeliner and the rosette, though.

~ by Jasmine on December 26, 2008.

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