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If you’re staying in tonight, then I can think of nothing better to watch on television than the third season premiere of “Friday Night Lights” on NBC. I know the season already aired on DirecTV, but for those of us who don’t subscribe, it’s the Peacock Network.

If you’re going out to the movies, go see “My Bloody Valentine 3-D”. It’s horror but not torture porn, it’s a laugh but it’s in on the joke, and the 3-D is not wasted. I was lucky enough to see a free screening this week, and it was loads of fun. The legendary Tom Atkins, who plays a crusty old retired police officer in the film, even flew in to make an appearance and answer questions from a grateful, fan boy-tastic audience.

Myself, I hope to see “Notorious” or “The Wrestler” (which comes to the Music Box tonight — click here for showtimes) this weekend.

Apart from FNL, there isn’t much TV-wise I’m looking forward to this weekend, though I expect to watch a recast of “The Beast” series premiere sometimes between now and next Thursday. I guess there’s something going on in Washington, D.C. next Tuesday? Hee — I think the Presidential Inauguration is going to be stellar. Can’t wait to see what everyone is going to wear. And when I say “everyone” I really mean Michelle Obama, Jill Biden, Hillary Clinton, and the daughters Obama. I expect to be wearing my eating pants while I tuck into some Obama-inspired fare like Chicago deep dish pizza and Hawaiian-inspired Spam™ musubi.


~ by Jasmine on January 16, 2009.

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