v-day ’09: spinsterella

As I’m home alone on a Friday night, I’ve started working on my “oh woe is me, i’m so alone” playlist for Valentine’s Day. This is just the first pass. I aim to have something perfect for crying and drinking a bottle of wine by myself closer to the day itself.

Here we are. Please leave comments (feedback, suggestions) — I want it to be sad enough to make me want to overdrink but not overeat.

  1. Hand It Over, James Hunter
  2. Thinking of You, Paul Weller
  3. I See Monsters, Ryan Adams
  4. No Expectations, The Rolling Stones
  5. Hanging On Too Long, Duffy
  6. Gimme Shelter, Patti Smith
  7. No One Knows, Mark Ronson
  8. Poker Face (Acoustic Version), Lady GaGa
  9. Need Your Love So Bad, Eva Cassidy
  10. Harlem Shuffle, Bob & Earl
  11. Hook me up, Alex Chilton
  12. Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis cover), Mystery Jets
  13. Electric Relaxation, A Tribe Called Quest
  14. Girlfriend, Michael Jackson
  15. Knocks Me Off My Feet, Stevie Wonder
  16. Everybody Here Wants You, Jeff Buckley
  17. Little Red Corvette, Prince
  18. Can We Talk, Tevin Campbell
  19. Speed Of Love (w/John Doe), Shudder To Think
  20. These Days, Gregg Allman
  21. How Deep Is Your Love, The Bird And The Bee
  22. I’m Your Puppet, James & Bobby Purify

~ by Jasmine on January 16, 2009.

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