the lost weekend

I don’t know how much longer I can resist the “25 things” meme that hit Facebook hard a few weeks ago. I mean, I wrote a “17 Things” note in December, and a “16 Things” note in January. That’s at least 33 things the good people of Facebook already know, should they care to.

It’s true. Like the tweet above says, I’m going to have a hometown vacation for President’s Day weekend. Two nights at the Hard Rock Hotel to just lie around around and watch television. It’s true, I could probably do this at home, but my apartment, all messy and dusty, is driving me crazy but not crazy enough to actually clean and organize it at the moment.

I tried to have dinner at Relax Lounge last night for the “Dinner with Dale” Thursday special (yes, I love me some “Top Chef”) but was denied. The hostess on duty seemed, frankly, distracted. Elisa said that when she called, they leave a few tables open for walk-ins which is why we, along with her friend Timmy, stopped by. It would have helped if the staff were a bit forthcoming with people who walk in looking a little clueless. Maybe not look at you so quizzically, go so far as to make eye contact, and then turn around and walk away. Or when they say they’ll tell you in five minutes if they can seat you, they should probably tell you in five minutes instead of just ignoring or forgetting you while you sit at the bar drinking prosecco.

So this is how we ended up at at Flo. Which was very nice — warm, inviting, and people actually look you in the eye when they say crazy things like “Hello!” and “How many in your party?”. Also, the food was delicious and there were cute waiters. Everybody from the staff to the customers seemed like they were having a great time. And so did we.

My friend Bill is hosting a workshop tomorrow. Workshop is called “Attracting Love” (stop rolling your eyes, cynical readers) and costs a mere $20. Go here for more details.

Last night’s TV: I watched “The Office” but not “30 Rock” last night. “The Office” was good! I especially enjoyed the Kelly’s forgotten birthday story line. I’m looking forward to the return of Holly Flax, as it seems inevitable that Pam and Michael will in fact drive up to Nashua to see her. I’d forgotten how gorgeous Rashida Jones is. Does anyone know who played her husband in the pictures displayed in her office? Just curious.


~ by Jasmine on February 6, 2009.

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