cupcakes & heartbreak

black and white cupcake

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This is a black and white cupcake from the Sarah’s Pastries & Candies outlet tucked into the Macy’s on State Street. I ate it yesterday after lunch while watching reruns of “The Secret Life of The American Teenager” on ABC Family.

These two activities, combined with a couple of movies, room service, and window shopping comprised an all-too-brief “staycation” (I hate that word but haven’t yet come up with an alternative).

I spent a couple of nights at The Hard Rock Hotel on Michigan Avenue. Lovely place – very quiet (I wonder if I missed any weekend hijinks) – but I do have a few notes. My room had a five-disc CD/DVD player – I felt like I’d gone back in time to 1998. Why no mp3 player hookup? And the TV channels – several news channels and flavors of ESPN – not terribly hip but who checks into hotels to watch television? I mean, besides me?


~ by Jasmine on February 17, 2009.

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