saturday night is the loneliest night of the week

  1. I’ve not spoken to anybody since yesterday afternoon when I was at work.
  2. Actually, I take that back. There was the pizza guy earlier this evening.
  3. Sorry, IM, e-mail, Twitter replies, and Facebook exchanges just aren’t the same. As much as I miss the sound of my own voice (because it is a very nice voice, I think) I miss the sound of my friends’ voices more.
  4. I am missing Christina, Celi, Nadine, and Patrick acutely.
  5. I need to get back to reading more. My vocabulary is suffering. It took me five minutes to remember the word “incoherent”. My brain kept saying “What? So ‘illegible’ isn’t good enough?” to which I’d reply “Brain, why are you such a frenemy?”
  6. I use Tweetdeck for Twitter usage on my computer. I like organizing the people I follow into groups.
  7. Yes, I have a group for the twitterers I have e-crushes on. Shut up, you know you’ve done it, too.
  8. I’m aware that my dad is on Facebook. I will not “friend” him though when the time comes and he friends me I may have to accept. He is, after all, my father.
  9. This week I bought two pairs of sunglasses, two long necklaces, a trench coat, shorts, and totally awesome lip balm.
  10. I registered for BlogHer ’09. I’m very excited about this, especially since I’ll get to see Liz and Poppy for the first time in, like, 10 years. I decided to get a room at the hotel where the conference is. My rationale: it’s going to be like a mini-vacation, so I’m going to treat it like one. Also, late July in Chicago tends to be hot and humid, and I envision taking multiple showers throughout the day. It will be easier to do this if all I have to do is take an elevator up a few dozen stories to a hotel room instead of rushing home and back in a taxi.
  11. Still wondering if I’m going to my high school reunion (15th!) this spring. Instead of me thinking “OMG! 15 yearss since I graduated from high school/escaped from New York/re-entered the exciting world of co-ed education!” I’ll be moping inside and thinking “Oh. 15 years of thwarted potential.” Boo hoo.
  12. This week’s episode of “Friday Night Lights” was pretty amazing. Look, The Onion totally agrees with me.

~ by Jasmine on February 21, 2009.

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