the week that was

Monday, March 2: Free screening of “Last House on The Left”, which was totally fucked up but tense in a good way. Elisa was my guest. I had popcorn for dinner. I need to start packing food for these things. Or at least commit to having a movie hot dog and/or pretzel for supper.

Tuesday, March 3: Another free screening, this time for “I Love You, Man”. Again, Elisa was my guest. We went with Nite who, as a student at Flashpoint Academy, was able to attend the screening as well. Saw fellow GB’er Alissa and her man Jon, who ended up getting good pics of the post-screening Q&A. We ended up sitting in the balcony. Held at the Vic, the screening was a load of fun. I may have to see it again, as it looked a bit dim on screen and I think I missed a few key jokes. As ever, many thanks to Capone for opening this to GB folks. Read his recap here. His recap included a link to some (admittedly crappy) video I took of Jason Segel serenading the audience:

Oh, and also I voted in my first election ever, that being the Democratic primary for the IL-5 congressional district special election. Yes, my rep used to be “Rahmbo”. Mike Quigley (D), Rosanna Pulido (R) and Matt Reichel (G) will be on the ballot come April 7th. Should be fun!

Wednesday, March 4: Don’t remember if I did anything remarkable or noteworthy.

Thursday, March 5: I came home from work, all ready to spend another evening watching television while stuffing my face until Jeff saved me by texting me to see if I wanted to meet him for a snack. I did, so we did, and had a nice time eating and gossiping. He had all this exciting news about his massage practice.

Friday, March 6: Beautiful day. Went home and convalesced for a bit after work instead of going to the WBEZ Open House or First Friday at the MCA. Watched “Friday Night Lights”, which had me crying because it was Jason Street’s turn to say goodbye.

Saturday, March 7: Lunch with Kathy at Reza’s. Coffee at Caribou. Met Nite, Betsy, and Jeff for 3pm IMAX screening of “Watchmen”. I don’t know if my thoughts on “Watchmen” are worth a proper write-up, so let me direct you to my first thought, which I posted to Twitter:

Saw Watchmen @ NavyPier. 1st thought: owl ship is ultimate love nest. 2nd thought: didn’t miss newsstand folk. 3rd thought: need sexy boots.

Which got me thinking about the probable advent of “Watchmen”-themed personal ads on Craigslist, whether or not I really missed what left out of the movie, and how poor a flirt I am in life and on the internet. Naturally, Patrick’s instant message on the question “Watchmen” personal had me laughing my ass off, so much so that I shared it on Twitter:

maybe i should put an ad “rorschach seeks companion, must love dogs”

And here is a video of Jeff’s Dr. Manhattan:


Sunday, March 8: I lost an hour because of the end (or is it the beginning?) of Daylight Savings Time. I woke up late. Installed my new showerhead. Realized I needed Teflon tape to seal it properly. Used it anyway to bathe. Went to Andrew & Rozi’s for dinner (brisket! corn bread pudding! broccoli & rice & cheese casserole! roast potatoes! Miriam made an apple crisp thingie!). Hung out with Nathan:


~ by Jasmine on March 8, 2009.

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