Cafe Iberico

Cafe Iberico

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  • I’m sorry, I know I’ve already been through two iPhones (bought first one last February when pink Razr finally pooped out while I was on vacation, then sold it to a friend of Jeff’s when 3G came out) in a little over a year, but I want the new 3GS. Alas, I just checked and I don’t qualify for the upgrade price until 12/19/09. Marking my calendar now.
  • Missed the WWDC keynote? Ars Technica live-blogged it. You can catch the replay here.
  • Nick and Nadine were in town this weekend (actually, they’re still here, as their flight back home leaves tonight) and we ate at a bunch of tasty places:
  • Star Jones has a nice letter you can copy, paste, and send to your government reps, asking for assistance in getting Laura Ling and Euna Lee released. [Positively Star]
  • I enjoyed the Tony Awards as much as anybody — yes, even with the poor direction and myriad audio errors — but what’s up with people saying Bret Michaels getting hurt by a descending set backdrop being the best part of the program? Would people really be happy if he had been seriously injured? [aggregated coverage on Google]
  • Stephen Colbert’s new buzzcut looks hot. [NYT]
  • F*ck you, North Korea [Disgrasian™]

~ by Jasmine on June 8, 2009.

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