did Mike send you?

bathroom shark

bathroom shark
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One of the first things I check in the morning after turning off my alarm and checking to see if I’ve magically lost any weight is Google Reader. Okay, actually, Twitter first, but then Google Reader. I ignore my News and Politics folders and go straight to People, which is where I’ve sorted the RSS feeds from blogs of people I know or people I wish I knew or people I have crushes on (sorry, John Cabrera, but it’s true).

One of those feeds contains (I totally typed “containts” here) contacts pictures from Flickr. And one of those pictures was from my friend and fellow blogger Mike “Chicago Carless” Doyle, but it was actually a picture from my own Flickr photostream, taken last spring while cavorting (yes, I cavort) at the Chicago History Museum. Why would Mike want this pic in his feed?

And then it hit me. Mike edits Chicagosphere, “an ongoing look at the most interesting blogs, talented bloggers, and thought-provoking debates that the Chicago blogosphere has to offer”. He didn’t write about the flip front, did he? Does he know that all I ever write about is food and fat and all the bad television I watch and back again to the food I ate last night, last week, last month for the last nine years (well, it will be nine years in July)?

He did, but he decided to write me up anyway.

So if you’re here reading this because you read about the blog this morning on Chicagosphere and weren’t frightened away, welcome and thank you.

If you’re here because you’ve been reading my blog for ages and you’re relieved that I’ve started writing again after yet another uncheduled hiatus (seriously, where was I in April? I blame Twitter, naturally), welcome and thank you.

If you’re here because you’re a friend of mine in real life and you’re wondering when I’m gonna mention your name, welcome and thank you but don’t hold your breath. Seriously, we need to list (bullet points!) what is in my mind’s backlog (backblog?) for the flip front:

And so on and so forth. Like the Craigslist Missed Connections ad Elisa placed for me because she thought our waiter at Irazu a few weeks ago might have been flirting with me. Or how Twitter has taken over my life. I also have three weddings to attend this year, and I still haven’t written up Maria and Clancy’s wedding (February 2008!) or Jacalyn and Brian’s wedding (May 2008!).

It’s a mess. But I hope you stick around as I work on, if not cleaning up the mess, then arranging it attractively so that it’s readable and entertaining.

Welcome and thank you.


~ by Jasmine on June 9, 2009.

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