baby’s first concert

Coco coos
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Last night, I joined Khloé, Jeff, and Coco for the Dirty Projectors/The Sea and Cake concert at Millennium Park.

I arrived first with a cooler full of ice and bottled water. I found what I thought was a good spot (west of the middle, close to the stairs to the loo) but I didn’t have a blanket or anything to mark out my parcel. This sounds so colonial. Anyway, I got crowded in a bit by hipsters of varying ages (though not so much varying race, perceived socio-economic class, etc.) and by the time Jeff turned up, I was ready to seek greener pastures.

That ended up being a speck of lawn with trees just west of the Jay Pritzker Pavilion but east of Cloud Gate (aka “The Bean”). Music wasn’t too loud, we had space to spread out and eat (the adults had sandwiches and fruit while the baby had formula).

The baby was of interest to two tiny Asian girls, sisters, the smaller of who? whom? (I’m never going to get this right) wore a neon pink cast on her tiny left arm. Their mother wore a digital camera on her wrist, and I was afraid that she’d start taking care of Coco. Didn’t stop me.

Two couples chatted while the boy and girl of one of the couples twirled to the music or threw around an orange ball. There were some mosquitoes but not as many as I’d feared. Still, though, I’m remembering to pack a citronella candle next time. A pack of teenage boys sat in a circle nearby, smoking furtively and trying to catch the attention of two teenage girls deep in conversation.

Scattered throughout were couples engaged in: wine-drinking, necking, lolling, eating, stretching, dancing, hugging, and all other outdoor summer activities.


~ by Jasmine on June 23, 2009.

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