the hater hates on tofu dogs

I enjoy reading T Magazine and The Moment, its daily blog. Who doesn’t like pretty pictures of pretty things worn, used, and endorsed by pretty people?

Today, T Magazine staffers write about what they’ll be doing and, more importantly, what they’ll be wearing for Independence Day. Fairly harmless, until I read a phrase in this entry from an assistant (emphasis mine):

For my friends and me (who are all essentially living on an assistant’s salary), going away for the weekend isn’t really in the budget. Instead, we’ll sneak onto my rooftop, grill some burgers and tofu dogs (it is Brooklyn after all) and catch a glimpse of fireworks. And in keeping with the neighborhood vibe, I’ll wear this slightly elevated version of the Williamsburg uniform, trading buffalo plaid for gingham, cutoffs for bermudas and boat shoes for bucks.

Emphasis mine, obvs, but this in a nutshell is why I don’t think I could move back to New York and live in Brooklyn. At least, not in the version of Brooklyn that this particular person occupies.

Worn on the Fourth of July – The Moment Blog (NYT)


~ by Jasmine on July 1, 2009.

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