ou est le shampooing

My hair looks good today. Like, really good I think. Which comes as something of a surprise considering I washed my hair with bar soap this morning.

Bar soap, you say? Yes. I’ve begun my “staycation”, a week-long stay at the Swissôtel Chicago. Maria arrives tomorrow morning, so I got a double room. The bathroom is all granite and has a separate shower and bath tub. I soaked for a bit last night, watched “I Survived A Japanese Game Show” while eating sushi from the Dominick’s a few blocks away. I believe in treating myself, but I don’t think “treating myself” includes hotel room service. At least not for this stay anyway.

Back to the bar soap — when I checked in, the bathroom had lotion, conditioner, the aforementioned bar soap, even a telephone, but no shampoo. I should have asked housekeeping to bring some, but was feeling lazy. And secretly wondering if the shampoo was absent just so I’d have to call for some and tip whoever brought it to me. Cynical? Maybe, and cynicism should be taking a holiday while I am on one myself.


~ by Jasmine on July 2, 2009.

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