432 teaser: 500 Days of Jasmine

I used to number each edition of the flip front. The last numbered post was 431, posted way back in September of 2008. Numbering was useful when the flip front was a newsletter because I could keep track of how many I wrote, never mind if I ever miscounted. But with a blog, it doesn’t seem as crucial. Also it just reminds me of how much my writing — for this blog, unfinished essays, unstarted screenplays — has dropped the fuck off.

It doesn’t help that I celebrated 9 years of blogging on Monday. Or that BlogHer ’09 starts tomorrow. What’s my brand? What are my monetization strategies? Who is my SEO CEO? Where’s my sassy avatar that features a cartoon version of me wearing cat eye glasses and hoisting a cocktail over a sparkly pink laptop?

Um, I have a bunch of MiniCards that have the address of this blog on them. I have a MacBook with a cracked case and that greasy spot on the trackpad that will not go away. I have clips. I am an intern for the awesomest blog evah.

That being said, the next edition of the flip front will discuss:

  • trips from the recent and not-so-recent past: This means that yes I will in fact finally be writing a recap of Maria and Clancy’s Feb. ’08 wedding.
  • my new food friends: Publican, Red Mango
  • Twitter, Tumblr, and all micro-blogging that keeps me away from here
  • I still watch a lot of television. Maybe I’ll start a TV blog? Ever since I was let go from Recapist last year (yes, I was fired!) I’ve been wanting to cover tv. But what shows? In what format? Confusing.
  • all the awesome movies I’ve seen this year: I saw “In The Loop” last night. SEE IT. I fucking mean it this time.

Enjoy your day.


~ by Jasmine on July 23, 2009.

One Response to “432 teaser: 500 Days of Jasmine”

  1. If you only knew how many half-finished, not-even-started stories I’ve let lie down and die on my blog, you wouldn’t feel so bad. And I don’t have it monetized, either. Whenever I read your blog, I think how fabulous it is to have such staying power. Not to mention you are for writing it. I’m glad you write it!

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