About Jasmine

I started this blog as a e-mail list back in 2000 when I slipped and fell down a flight of wet stairs and I wanted to share that experience with dozens of people. Below are some things you should probably know about me.

Update! I just attended my first BlogHer conference. I came away with new ideas and (hopefully) new friends. New friends are better than page hits, though I think you should know that I love it when my friends read my blog, leave comments, and write blogs of their own.

Another Update! Mike of Chicago Carless is a friend of mine. He surprised me by writing about this blog on Chicagosphere, which covers the local blogosphere for ChicagoNow. Read it now.

  1. I whine constantly about being a “real” writer, whatever that means.
  2. I try to get up early on Saturdays, but usually fail.
  3. I like eating honey butter, Concord grapes, prosciutto, and buffalo mozzarella. Among other things. Lots of other things.
  4. I am very particular about what nail polishes I wear.
  5. I think maybe sometimes I watch too much television.
  6. I need to learn how to drive.
  7. I hate waiting for my hair to dry.
  8. I’m obsessed with my sparse eyebrows, my enormous pores, and my hair.
  9. I am awesome.
  10. Welcome, Disgrasian™ readers.
  11. Welcome, also, Gapers Block readers.
  12. Welcome, also also, those folks who got my card at BlogHer ’09 or found me (somehow) in the BlogHer directories.
  13. Big love to you Twitter folks, too.
  14. And welcome to those of y’all who found my blog when Googling “hot ghetto mess”. Though I question your intentions.
  15. And I’m totally in an ad for Geezeo.com!

One Response to “About Jasmine”

  1. […] following is a Chicagoans Project guest post from local Chicago blogger Jasmine Davila. For the genesis of this project, please see here. To tell your story, email me at mike (at) […]

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