Tweet to the beat


You probably ended up here by one of two ways:

  1. You clicked the link on my Twitter profile.
  2. You came via, a domain I only reserved a few weeks ago, for purposes that are not yet known to me.

In any case, welcome and thanks for stopping by.

I am, or try to be, “massively multiblogular”. I’ve been neglecting my blogs of late, spending all my time updating Twitter, a micro-blogging service that enables people to update their followers on what they are doing in 140 characters are less.

What do I tweet about when I do? In a word:

  • food
  • fat
  • boys (if a bit obscurely)
  • television
  • makeup

And so on and so forth.

I know this isn’t a lot right now, but I’ll probably update this page when I decide to be interesting again. In the meantime, my first blog love is “news from the flip front” — the archives are there for the reading.


One Response to “Tweet to the beat”

  1. […] the past nine years (you read that right), she’s been scribing News from the Flip Front, her “multi-blogular” tale of life as a writer, tech geek, TV-obsessed, non-driving, all-around awesome Asian diva living […]

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