this blog has moved

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Please change your bookmarks for this blog to

RSS subscribers, no need to change anything. You can still subscribe at Likewise, you can also subscribe to the RSS feed at

In case you were wondering, there’s no real reason why I moved this blog. Well, there is, or are, some reasons. But I’ll be writing about it over at the other blog so make sure you, you know, read it there.

gone, bruce, gone

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Bruce is my first friend who has died. He died yesterday. I found about it when Joan e-mailed me (and a bunch of other folks) this afternoon.

I’m thinking about a lot of things right now but at the moment I don’t know what I’m feeling. Lots of things like anger, guilt, regret. Mainly sad.

Mainly sad.

the fatorialist: back from vacation

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  1. The dress is too short to wear to work.
  2. The shoes are making my toes sweaty.
  3. I’m reading “My Life in France” instead of “Infinite Jest”, going back on my pledge to the Infinite Summer people. Sorry, dudes.
  4. Did I mention I still have a BlogHer ’09 recap coming? Le sigh.
  5. Back to the dress for a minute. On the plus side — which should be the name for a cheesy plus-size blog, by the way, somebody make that shit happen! — I think the print of the fabric is pretty and doesn’t make me look like I’m big piece of furniture. Don’t you find, fellow fat girls, that some prints make you look not so much dressed as upholstered? That and looking like a toddler in my clothes are my two biggest pet peeves/fears when it comes to dressing myself.


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Joe and Hyacinth were at the airport when Jacinda and I arrived. They’re all adorable. Hyacinth was a little grumpy? sleepy? but perked up after a few minutes and then was very silly and adorable. She liked my camera and my bright yellow shoes.

Instead of heading straight home, we drove to the Brown Cow Ice Cream Parlor to have dessert with Khloé, Jeff, and Coco.

just married

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Olivia among bubbles
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Another thing I have to write up – Olivia and Emmanuel’s wedding, which was this past weekend in Philadelphia.

Doesn’t Olivia look gorgeous?

There was lots of delicious food and dancing. Oh, and maybe some drinking.

BlogHer ’09 recap coming soon

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@cinnachick, @PoppyBuxom, & @ChronicBabe are awesome
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This is the post in which I meant to post gorgeous pictures, witty recaps, and even more gorgeous pictures! Alas, most of my pictures were silly (see above) and I am running low on wit. While I deal with these self-induced blows to my ego, please set yourself to looking forward to my eventual BlogHer ’09 recap, where I will:

Any questions?

432 teaser: 500 Days of Jasmine

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I used to number each edition of the flip front. The last numbered post was 431, posted way back in September of 2008. Numbering was useful when the flip front was a newsletter because I could keep track of how many I wrote, never mind if I ever miscounted. But with a blog, it doesn’t seem as crucial. Also it just reminds me of how much my writing — for this blog, unfinished essays, unstarted screenplays — has dropped the fuck off.

It doesn’t help that I celebrated 9 years of blogging on Monday. Or that BlogHer ’09 starts tomorrow. What’s my brand? What are my monetization strategies? Who is my SEO CEO? Where’s my sassy avatar that features a cartoon version of me wearing cat eye glasses and hoisting a cocktail over a sparkly pink laptop?

Um, I have a bunch of MiniCards that have the address of this blog on them. I have a MacBook with a cracked case and that greasy spot on the trackpad that will not go away. I have clips. I am an intern for the awesomest blog evah.

That being said, the next edition of the flip front will discuss:

  • trips from the recent and not-so-recent past: This means that yes I will in fact finally be writing a recap of Maria and Clancy’s Feb. ’08 wedding.
  • my new food friends: Publican, Red Mango
  • Twitter, Tumblr, and all micro-blogging that keeps me away from here
  • I still watch a lot of television. Maybe I’ll start a TV blog? Ever since I was let go from Recapist last year (yes, I was fired!) I’ve been wanting to cover tv. But what shows? In what format? Confusing.
  • all the awesome movies I’ve seen this year: I saw “In The Loop” last night. SEE IT. I fucking mean it this time.

Enjoy your day.